Winning tips when playing the role of evil in Evil Dead: The Game

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For fans of Ghost Tree, the famous horror series directed by Sam Raimi (which is causing fever with the blockbuster Doctor Strange 2) and starring Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead: The Game is a game definitely not to be missed. This survival role-playing game attracts not only fans but also gamers who love the horror game genre.

Evil Dead: The Game promises to bring horror scenes of violence but also full of fun with climax moments, creating a bloody time full of attraction and suspense.

In addition to finding a way to survive as a survivor when playing Evil Dead: The Game, the fearsome Kandarian evil role-players must also destroy them all and win. In this article, learn tips for winning as the evil Kandaria while playing Evil Dead: The Game.

Tips for players of the evil Kandarian role in Evil Dead: The Game

Usually players like to play the main character, the hero, but playing the evil Kandarian in this game is very interesting and worth the experience. The player will become an evil and dangerous mysterious entity that can spawn Deadites, frighten survivors, possess their bodies, set traps, and perform a plethora of other diabolical actions.

But to continuously win as a devil, players will need time to master the skill. Here are some key tips to set gamers on a path to demonic domination in Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game has 3 evil Kandarian characters
Evil Dead: The Game has 3 evil Kandarian characters

Learn the map: Knowing the key points of the map makes it easier and faster for the devil to find survivors.

The map of Cleaver County is huge, so focus on the key points to find survivors. The center of the map, Dead End, would be a great place to start.

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Divide the group of survivors: The sole survivor will be destroyed more quickly when following a group. So let’s split and bring each of them closer to the devil’s trap.

Evil Tree is a great way to slow down a survivor and separate them from the party. Set traps or possess the survivor’s body, timing the attack precisely to create distance between the group of people.

Make the survivors panic, fear and destroy them: The power of the evil Kandarian increases faster when it acts against survivors. Trick survivors into activating traps, attacking and possessing them. All of these will make the player of the devil role more and more powerful.

  • Warlord is a fairly balanced demon that can possess Deadites and set traps. Use every resource at your disposal to keep survivors on high alert.
Warlord in Evil Dead: The Game
Warlord in Evil Dead: The Game
  • Puppeteer focus on possession, so finding survivors should be the #1 priority. Using Deadites already on the map and chasing survivors is key to killing them.
Devil Puppeteer
Devil Puppeteer
  • Necromancer based on strength, so setting traps in some areas will give gamers an advantage in upcoming battles.
Demon Necromancer
Demon Necromancer

Remember to properly position the flutist. In an ideal situation, placing it in a hidden or hidden location so it’s hard for survivors to locate and defeat, but close enough that it can buff evil units would make a huge difference.

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