Watch Dogs 2: Fast and effective ways to make money

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Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the action-adventure game, taking the player to become a hacker and his teammates to carry out the biggest mission in history and uncover hidden dangers.

With Part 2 of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft decided to learn from its mistakes in the first part and change the tone of the story to fit the context even more. As a result, players get to have a great time wading through the streets of San Francisco and hacking everything in sight.

The game has a lot of things that can be bought and to satisfy the passion of equipping these items, gamers need an abundant source of money in the game. In this article, let’s learn the best, fastest and most effective ways to make money in Watch Dogs 2.

Hack someone else’s bank account

The simplest and easiest way to make money in Watch Dogs 2 is to hack into the bank accounts of people walking down the street. The amount the person owns will be suggested in their profile.

Players need to be very patient while doing these heists as it can take quite a while to accumulate enough money to meet the needs of buying most of the in-game items. If people get bored of hacking into bank accounts over and over again, there are still plenty of other methods of making money in Watch Dogs 2.

Regularly visit pawn shops

Papa B’s Pawn Shop is a place where players can sell any unnecessary items and make a decent amount of money. If you have a lot of spare and useless items in your inventory, then everyone should definitely visit the pawn shop soon.

Players can also rob this pawn shop for some cash, though this can lead to even more complicated ramifications. Better maintain a good reputation and use these stores to make a quick buck.

Complete Driver SF . quests

Driver SF missions are a pretty unique part of Watch Dogs 2, essentially turning Marcus into a famous Uber driver. Players need to take their passengers to designated locations within a certain time to get the highest rating possible.

Best players should choose a fast car, good handling to save time. A full 5-star rating gives players the most money, so try driving within a specific speed limit while avoiding unnecessary collisions.

Plunge into an armored truck

Patch 1.13 for Watch Dogs 2 added a new random event that spawns an armored truck into the world for players to rob. Players need to take down the convoy, loot and wreak havoc on the armored truck, and finally escape from the police to get this reward. Failing to follow any of the steps in this process will essentially just be a waste of gamer effort.

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