Vampire Survivors: A Guide to Upgrade All Evolved Weapons

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Vampire Survivors is a survival rougelike game with unique pixel graphics. The game quickly became loved for its thrilling gameplay that required players to survive for 30 minutes while fighting tons of monsters and aggressive bosses.

In Vampire Survivors, players can collect a variety of weapons and upgrade them to increase their strength against hordes of enemies. Weapon evolution is the most prestigious way to deal with the ever-evolving hordes of terrifying creatures that try to surround the player.

Game rougelike survival fighting monsters with pixel graphics - Vampire Survivors
Game rougelike survival fighting monsters with pixel graphics – Vampire Survivors

However, Vampire Survivors does not instruct, but players must learn how to upgrade weapons themselves. In this article, let’s learn about the evolved weapons, the items that need to be combined with them in Vampire Survivors to achieve the top powerful arsenal.

Instructions to upgrade all evolved weapons in Vampire Survivors

Requirements for weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors

In the new case of this roguelite horror game, keep in mind that every time you level up by picking up XP gems from defeated enemies, everyone will have a passive choice of weapon and upgradeable items.

Each time you level up in Vampire Survivors, the player will be able to choose a random weapon or upgrade item to add to their character. Each run can accumulate up to 6 weapons and 6 upgrade items.

By choosing the same weapon or item on the next level up, the player can upgrade them to a higher level, change their function, or increase their stats. Each weapon can be upgraded 8 times and item can be upgraded 5 times.

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Weapons in Vampire Survivors
Weapons in Vampire Survivors

However, players still have some work to do before combining corresponding weapons and items to make them stronger:

  • Upgrade the weapon you want to evolve to level 8.
  • Pick up the item to combine with it on the map or through the levels (no need to upgrade the item).
  • Pick up a chest dropped from the boss while carrying a level 8 weapon and its combo item.

Note that chests will not normally drop evolved weapons until the player survives 10 minutes, even if all other requirements are met.

In addition, after each update, Vampire Survivors often add some new items and weapons for players to upgrade, enriching their evolutionary arsenal.

How to evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors


Weapon Evolution Basic Weapon Combination items
Bloody Tear Whip Hollow Heart
Soul Eater Garlic Pummarola
Holy Wand Magic Wand Empty Tome
Hellfire Fire Wand Spinach
Thousand Edge Knife Bracer
Unholy Vespers King Bible Spellbinder
Death Spiral Axe Candelabrador
Heaven Sword Cross Clover
La Borra Attractorb Santa Water
Vandalier Peachone Ebony Wings
Thunder Loop Lightning Ring Duplicator
Gorgeous Moon Pentagram Crown
NO FUTURE Runetracer Armor
Mannajja Song of Mana Skull O’Manic
Crimson Shroud Laurel Metaglio Right + Metaglio Left
Infinite Corridor Clock Lancet Silver Ring + Gold Ring
Valkyrie Turner Shadow Pinion Wings
Vicious Hunger Gatti Amari Stone Mask
Ashes of Muspell Flames of Misspell Torrona’s Box
Bi-Bracelet Bracelet
Tri-Bracelet Bi-Bracelet


Weapon Evolution/Union Basic Weapon Combination items
Phieraggi Phiera Der Tuphello
Eight The Sparrow
Vandalier Peachone Ebony Wings
Fuwalafuwaloo Vento Sacro Bloody Tear


Gift Basic Weapon Combination item
Sole Solution Victory Sword Torrona’s Box (max level)
Super Candybos II Turbo Candybox
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Weapon Evolution Basic Weapon Figure Relic Condition
Anima of Mortaccio Bone Mortaccio Chaos Malachite Reach level 80


Legacy of the Moonspell

Weapon Evolution Basic Weapon Combination item
Festive Winds Silver Wind Pummarola (max level)
Godai Shuffle Four Seasons Spinach (max level)
Candelabrador (max level)
Echo Night Summon Night Duplicator (max level)
J’Odore Mirage Robe Attractorb (max level)
Muramasa Night Sword Stone Mask (max level)
Boo Roo Boolle Mille Bolle Blu Spellbinder (max level)

Tides of the Foscari

Weapon Evolution/Union Basic Weapon Combination items
SpellStrom SpellString
Legionnaire Eskizzibu Armor (max level)
Millionaire Flash Arrow Bracer (max level)
Clover (max level)
Luminaire Prismatic Missile Crown (max level)
Ophion Shadow Servant Skull O’Maniac (max level)

Requirements to unlock weapons in Vampire Survivors

Weapon leveling is an important step to creating more evolved weapons in Vampire Survivors
Weapon leveling is an important step to creating more evolved weapons in Vampire Survivors

Each weapon in Vampire Survivors will have different requirements and challenges to unlock. Players need to complete the table below to enrich their weapon collection.

Weapons How to unlock
Bone Mortaccio’s Original Weapon
Clock Lancet Find an Orologion from the torch (destroy all light sources)
Bloody Tear Hollow Heart is needed to evolve
Holy Wand Need Empty Tome to evolve
Thousand Edge Need Bracer to evolve
Bracer Bring the King Bible to level 4
Death Spiral Need Candelabrador to evolve
Cross Find a Rosary, this bead is dropped from breaking the light source
Heaven Sword Need Clover to evolve
Unholy Vespers Spellbinder needed to evolve
Spellbinder Raise Runetracer to level 7
Fire Wand Destroy 20 light sources
Hellfire Need Spinach to evolve
Peachone Use any character and survive at least 10 minutes
Ebony Wings Bring Peachone to level 7
Vandalier Bring both Peachone and Ebony Wings to level 8
Runetracer Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina
Lightning Ring Defeat 5000 enemies in total
Garlic Find 5 Floor Chickens
Soul Eater Need Pummarola to evolve
Pentagram Use any character and survive at least 20 minutes
Stone Mask Search in the Inlaid . library
Candlabrador Bring Santa Water to level 4
Axe Available
Magic Wand Available
Whip Available
Knife Available
Santa Water Available
Fire Wand Destroy 20 torches
King Bible Available
Phiera Der Tuphello Survive 10 minutes using Pugnala
Eight the Sparrow Survive 15 minutes using Pugnala
Gatti Amari Survive 15 minutes using Giovanna
Song of Mana Survive 15 minutes using Concetta
Laurel Available
Cherry Bomb Unlock Cavallo
Carrello Unlock Bianca Ramba
Celestial Dusting Unlock O’Sole Meeo
Vento Sacro Survive 15 minutes with Zi ‘Assunta
Cygnus Using Arcana I with Peachone
Zhar Ptytsia Using Arcana I with Ebony Wings
Red Muscle Using Arcana I with Phiera Der Tuphello
Twice Upon a Time Using Arcana I with Eight the Sparrow
Flock Destroyer Using Arcana I with Gatti Amari
Candybox Explore every Union and Evolution
Victory Sword Defeat 100,000 enemies in one run with Queen Sigma
Bracelet Complete any 30-minute stage with Gallo or Divano
Greatest Jubilee Return to Eudaimonia M. a third time and talk to the entity. After defeating the boss that appears, the player will receive the Greatest Jubilee
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