Valor Legends: Build Bridges tips for beginners

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Valor Legends is an idle role-playing game, with beautiful 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. The game has a medieval setting and is inspired by auto chess games.

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While it is possible to play Valor Legends in auto mode, there are many strategies and obstacles to overcome when entering its world. This article will provide tips to know when playing Valor Legends, helping gamers have a good start and quickly master the game.

Valor Legends tips for beginners

Build the perfect team

When assembling a team, there are many aspects to consider. At any given time, gamers can only deploy a team of up to 5 heroes.

Players have 5 different classes to choose from: Warrior can act as a DPS, Mage deal damage over a wide area, Ranger deals damage from a great distance, Assasin can deal continuous damage from behind and Priest The ability to heal the whole team.

Picking any of these heroes will still be able to do well. Factions also come in handy when forming groups, the more players on the same faction, the more buffs they get.

Play quickly through the campaign

This is one of the more important parts to progress in the game. The more stages you go through, the more modes you unlock and can enjoy the game to the fullest. In addition, the rewards received after passing are used to level up the character. This is absolutely necessary so that the hero can face stronger enemies in the future.

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Complete the stages

If the player wants to continue playing the dog rescue games, the player will also have to play the idle game. If the operation is not completed, the stages in the rescue of the dog will be locked. To unlock those stages, people have to play idle battles and defeat monsters in the first 30 or 40 stages.

Collect and use gems

Gems, which are needed to summon additional characters, can be easily obtained by completing battles in Wild Fields. Instead of making individual summons, gamers should accumulate gems and use 10 summons to improve their chances of getting 4-5 star characters and 5 Seed of Life. Save the Seed of Life until there are 10 or more, as this ensures players get 4-star units or more from a given faction, and is the best way to avoid duplication.

Summon new heroes

Players can collect new heroes by summoning daily for free or using the summoning book. Gamers should summon 10 heroes at once using gems or books. This will increase your chances of getting more than 1 Epic or Legendary hero.

Perform quests and participate in events

Since this is an idle role-playing game, the player doesn’t have to do much, but completing the daily quests will yield a large amount of rewards. Each quest is worth 100 Daily Points and get 100 Evolution Beads, 150 Gems, 2 Bounty Hunter Passes and 1 Eternal Summoner Book.

Weekly missions also give more rewards and 1 Seed of Life instead of Bounty Hunter Pass. Other in-game events offer 5-star character pieces and more.

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Make friends and join a guild

Gamers can add 30 people to their friends list, so choose wisely and fill as many as possible. After that, people can start collecting Hearts early and use them to summon. Those new summons provide heroes that can be used as sacrifices.

As for guilds, always join a clan higher than level 2. By joining a clan, players can make more friends and access the Guild Shop and Guild Dungeon. Both will bring many bonuses that help with more power.

Save Gems

Summon Circle is the main way to get heroes in Valor Legends. Other methods include getting hero shards from rewards or events, but mostly people will get their heroes by summoning them.

The problem with summoning is that it’s really hard to get the heroes you need, especially if you don’t want to spend real money constantly buying enough gems. However, that does not mean that F2P players will be at a serious disadvantage.

Saving gems to have at least 10 summons at once is the best way to spend them, rather than doing them one at a time. This method increases the chance of getting at least one Legendary unit each time Summon Circle is cast.

Whenever making 10 summons at the same time, the player will receive points for earning 5 Seed of Life. Save those seeds until you get 10 or more as it guarantees getting a 4 or more star unit from a specific faction, which is the best way to collect duplicates.

Upgrade powerful heroes

Make sure to upgrade 5-star or legendary heroes and equip them with relics. This will increase their strength and fighting ability. Some heroes that everyone should keep in their squad are: Amaterasu, Ireus, Ixlott, Catarina, Shinobu, Yesacco, Garr, Liliananna, Doris, Frode, Liv, Mikayla, Milton, Sota, Lucia and Beelzebub.

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Using Blessing Temple

Blessing Temple is a feature that allows players to have more than 5 heroes of the same level as the main team. With this feature, there is no need to maintain experience and gold just to level up all of your characters, when planning to build in a Forest, Legion or Undead team, while trying to fight specific players. possible at Glory Arena.

The biggest problem with Blessing Temple is that it can be difficult to unlock new slots to add new characters. Gamers will need at least 10 open slots before they can complete all of their teams in the 3 basic factions.

However, players do not need to have a complete set, so working with what they have is the best way to continue. If Blessing Temple has not been unlocked, only level up 5 heroes or use Rollback Function to return resources to characters who have leveled up early.

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