Useful tips gamers need to know when playing I Am Fish

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I Am Fish is an exciting adventure game in which the player controls four different fish friends separated by circumstances beyond their control and must overcome various challenges to be reunited. The focus of the game is on physics-based puzzles that offer a variety of exciting play options.

The whole story consists of 4 different parts, each fish has a part with 3 levels. Each part of the game offers variant gameplay that introduces different types of obstacles for the player to overcome. Some puzzles are quite difficult compared to I Am Fish’s simple gameplay mechanics. Some useful tips to know when playing this difficult game will help everyone get through it.

Useful tips when playing I Am Fish

Monitor the condition of water containers

Since the main characters are fish, they are forced to minimize their time in the water. This means that when large volumes of water are not available, a water container is sufficient. Usually, with this function, the water will be kept in an aquarium or glass jar, with some levels of more creative options such as a janitor’s cleaning bucket or drinking glass.

Water containers play an important role in I Am Fish
Water containers play an important role in I Am Fish

Containers can be moved by swimming close to the edge, and players will take advantage of the physical environment to build momentum. This can come with its own set of challenges, such as having to avoid falling off high ledges when rolling on narrow roads.

Water containers can be damaged so there is so much impact that they break apart and the fish are stranded. The player can monitor the condition of the water container through the cracks appearing in the glass. More cracks means it is in bad condition and is likely to fail.

The game has stealth mechanics

Certain parts of I Am Fish require the player to dodge specific enemies, usually seagulls. Such enemies act as obstacles that cannot be directly fought but can be avoided once the player knows the tricks.

Minimize movement when noticed by a seagull
Minimize movement when noticed by a seagull

Seagulls often try to attack fish if they are detected. The best way to avoid this bird is not to move whenever they have their eyes on it so as not to attract attention. If the fish continues to move, the seagulls will notice and start diving right away.

Standing still will cause the gull to lose interest and divert its attention elsewhere. Of course, this is often easier said than done. Gulls tend to attack when fish are in jars or aquariums. Sometimes fish need to move to keep their water container from falling off the high platform and breaking. When this happens, the fish will want to minimize unnecessary movement.

Be careful when moving with fish tanks and jars

Fish often have to move on difficult terrain by swimming to the edge to roll the tanks and jars forward. Both of these items are quite difficult to control precisely, especially the jar. It is very difficult to keep a vial moving in a straight line. While pushing a jar, it is likely to be skewed to the left or right, not going the right way. The best way to move the jar with the correct path is to swim back and forth between the ends while pushing.

Aquariums and jars are hard to move, so players need to be careful when using them
Aquariums and jars are hard to move, so players need to be careful when using them

Aquariums are a bit easier to navigate, but they also have their own set of challenges. Although the tank can go straight, it creates great momentum. Once the bowl starts to move, especially downhill, it is very difficult to make the aquarium stop. In some cases, this can benefit the fish or become a disadvantage.

Some sections require the aquarium to roll along elevated walkways without crashing, at top speed it can be very difficult to prevent them from rolling off cliffs or obstacles. To slow down and stop rolling, swim in the opposite direction, but it also depends on the momentum.

Each fish has different skills

There are 4 characters in the game, each character is a different type of fish that comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. This also means that each type of fish will have its own playstyle. Three of them also have a special ability: the puffer fish inflates its body, the piranha can bite and the flying fish has the ability to glide.

4 types of fish in I Am Fish are goldfish, puffer fish, piranha and flying fish
4 types of fish in I Am Fish are goldfish, puffer fish, piranha and flying fish

The first character is a goldfish, focused on movement and able to swim effectively. Puffer fish often have to roll between bodies of water or swell to quickly jump to higher points. Piranha can cause a lot of property damage by destroying water pipes and flooding homes. Players will have to adapt to the different playstyles of each fish to take advantage of strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Moving bucket of water on stairs

In addition to the jars and aquariums, I Am Fish likes to create situations where the janitor’s bucket is needed as a vehicle for the fish. Similar to other containers, the bucket can move when swimming to the edge, but it is more difficult and the accuracy is also lower. There is also another disadvantage that the bucket is open at the top so water will be lost. This is especially bad if the bucket is spilled, which can happen if it hits a person.

Moving the bucket on the stairs requires the player's skillful skill to not spill the water
Moving the bucket on the stairs requires the player’s skillful skill to not spill the water

Sometimes a bucket has to be moved downstairs so it’s easy to empty the water. Luckily, there’s a trick to getting the bucket down the stairs without dying in the process. Make sure the bucket is oriented vertically with respect to the stairs. It’s important to keep the bucket from falling too quickly, so everyone should push on the back end as well. While it’s not a perfect solution, it can help slow down the water ripple and make each step a little easier.

Calculate moving dynamics

Movement in I Am Fish is very similar to games like Super Monkey Ball, where the player must rely on the momentum of the tank containing the fish. Expecting smooth motion is the cause of a disaster.

Moving too fast can lead to the fish tank breaking due to in-game dynamics
Moving too fast can lead to the fish tank breaking due to in-game dynamics

Players should note that when leading the fish down the hill, it will not be fully accelerated forward. Going uphill can involve a bit of momentum. The only time without taking into account the dynamics factor is when the fish is swimming in open water. When people can capture the precision of these movements it will make going on an adventure in I Am Fish a lot easier.

Don’t go out of bounds

One of the impressive things about this game is that it feels like an open world. Sometimes there are fish-like passages that are free to explore and don’t need to follow the normal path. However, that is not the case.

Staying on the right track is important to ensure the safety of the fish
Staying on the right track is important to ensure the safety of the fish

There is a fairly linear structure at each level that the player must follow. That’s why there’s a chance the fish will go out of bounds in the player level if not quite sure what the right path is. Just because something looks cool and new doesn’t mean people should rush out and take risks.

Avoid falling onto hard surfaces

Navigating the game itself is difficult, but especially when it comes to observing where the fish are going. When in a bowl or glass jar, players need to pay attention to how much damage these containers take. If dropped hard enough, these can break completely and force the player to start over.

To avoid doing this, players need to keep an eye on anything that looks like a rug. These are soft surfaces on which bowls or jars can safely land.

Always in the water

Dying while playing this game is sometimes unavoidable and mostly involves the fish being out of the water for long periods of time. After a while, the screen will gradually turn black and the Game Over screen will appear.

However, it is important for the player to keep an eye on their surroundings to find a way to keep the fish alive temporarily in some cases, such as a small body of water that the fish can roll into. There’s even an area dedicated to flying fish jumping between checkpoints that effectively store water. Let the fish stay in the water whenever possible.

Move carefully when you see seagulls

Although there are times when humans will chase fish, the real enemies of this game are seagulls that directly attack the fish in the glass tank. With each hit, the bowl or jar will gradually crack more until it breaks completely.

To prevent this, players need to approach the area where the gulls appear as slowly as possible, due to the stealthy mechanics of the game. People can tell if they’re doing well if the seagull icon doesn’t turn red.

Avoid getting lost

Please rely on the entrances in each level because otherwise it will be easy for people to get lost while playing I Am Fish. Although there are checkpoints throughout a level, the fish may not be in a position where the player can see where the next point is.

That makes it very easy for gamers to miss where they need to go next and spend dozens of time wandering in the same area looking for things to do.

The best way to avoid this is to pay attention to how the game spawns fish. They usually point in the next direction, which can reduce the number of times people get lost in I Am Fish.

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