Untitled Goose Game: Instructions for completing the Back Garden area

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Untitled Goose Game is an interesting puzzle game with the main character being a goose looking for ways to destroy the small town. Players will need to complete a puzzle in a specific area before moving on to the next location. The player will start the quest at the wrong Back Garden by completing the Garden and High Street puzzle in the Untitled Goose Game. This article will guide you to complete the Back Garden puzzle in Untitled Goose Game.

Enter the Back Garden

The Back Garden is divided into 2 clear sides: the man’s garden and the woman’s garden. Making the two argue with each other will be the key to completing the quests in this area.

To begin with, there is a yellow ribbon holding a piece of fence between the 2 gardens, the goose can be removed to go between the 2 places, but the woman will tie it up when she sees it. The player can also pull the drawer off the desk in the back of the woman’s garden to make the whole thing fall apart, allowing for a quick sneak back into the man’s garden.

Make someone break the vase

Take the purple vase from the stool at the end of the woman’s garden and bring it towards the man, where he can see it. The man would throw it back on the fence and make it break.

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Help the woman dress up the bust

Steal glasses, hat and pipe from the man’s garden table and drop them near the bust in the woman’s garden. Then she will wear them on the bust.

Make the man spray tea

Wait in the woman’s garden until the Man drinks the tea, then ring the giant bell to make him spit out the tea.

Wear the ribbon

If the woman is out of view, remove the ribbon from the duck statue near her garden steps, then drag the statue away and hide it behind a bench/pot at the end of the garden.

Now go back to the original statue and interact to do a duck-like pose, then stand still and wait for the woman to come back and put on her ribbon. For extra fun, honk as she walks away.

Make a man go barefoot

Wait for the man to read the newspaper, then sneak up and interact to snatch one of his slippers and hide. Then, wait for him to start drinking tea, at which point the posture will change and the goose can take the other slipper so he can go barefoot.


Players need to wash a bra, a pair of socks, a slipper with a bar of soap. The bra and socks are on the clothesline at the end of the garden, the bar of soap is by the bathtub at the top of the woman’s garden, and the slipper is on the man’s feet. Drop all of these into the fountain at the end of the man’s garden to rinse.

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Make someone prune a rose

Pull the pot with the roses growing in it to level with the bushes in the woman’s garden. Go over the fence and interact with the bush to peck at it, which will cause the woman to take her scissors to prune it and accidentally cut the rose.

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