Untitled Goose Game: High Street Puzzle Complete Guide

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Untitled Goose Game is an interesting puzzle game with the main character being a goose looking for ways to destroy the small town. Players will need to complete a puzzle in a specific area before moving on to the next location. Upon completing the Garden puzzle in the Untitled Goose Game, everyone will be redirected to the High Street quest. This article will Instructions for completing High Street puzzles in Untitled Goose Game.

Break the broom

If the Salesperson catches you (as the goose) in the shop area, she will take a broom to chase you away. As the broom sweeps towards you, interact to grab the tip of the broom and keep pulling until it falls off.

Take the boy to the phone booth

The boy is very afraid of geese, so follow him and honk repeatedly to direct him to the phone booth in the upper left of the area.

Make the boy wear the wrong glasses

There are 2 ways to get the boy’s glasses, wait for him to take them off and clean and then honk the horn for him to follow, or sneak up and interact with the boy’s shoelaces to remove them, then get the glasses when he he bent down. Either way, the player then needs to steal another pair of glasses from the store shelf, then drop them near the boy for him to put on.

Make the boy buy his own toys

Steal the boy’s toy plane from the bench and drop it inside the store, where the Salesman will pick it up and display it with the other toys. If the boy does not automatically go to the store, chase him in there by honking the horn behind him, then he will have to buy his plane again.

Appear on TV

Once he has trapped the boy, he will call the TV Shop Owner to come rescue him. When they leave the store, rush inside and hit the big red switch at the door. This will turn on the camera and the goose needs to walk to the left of the shop to appear on the screen.

Go shopping

Goose needs to put toothbrush, toilet paper, hairbrush, canned food, detergent, fruits & vegetables in the cart.

The basket is on the left hand side of the shop, but the player should drag it to the side of the area so the Shopkeeper doesn’t spot it, or else she will get back whatever the goose has stolen until now.

If you go to the garden on the right hand side of the level and empty the trash can, you will find a toothbrush and detergent inside. Toilet paper, hairbrushes, canned food and more detergents can be stolen from the store, as can any fruit or vegetable item, just one and a carrot or leek is the easiest to get.

Lock the shop owner in the garage

Steal an item from the store and let the Shopkeeper see her, causing her to give chase. The goose will need to run into the garage to the right of the shop and drop the item inside. Run back to the street, then interact with the zipper while the Shopkeeper is inside to trap them in the garage.

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