Tower of Fantasy tips for beginners

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A beautiful anime-inspired world, eye-catching characters, smooth battles and engaging gameplay loops, are the reasons that make Tower of Fantasy an interesting rival to Genshin Impact and similar titles. .

Tower of Fantasy wisely chose to incorporate tried and true game elements, rather than inventing features from scratch, so many of its mechanics are easy for the player. just learned.

Even so, the following Tower of Fantasy tips will still be helpful for beginners, making the overall experience smoother, navigating this dazzling world easier, and assisting players in battle.

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Tower of Fantasy tips for beginners

Turn off attack skill animation

Flashy attacks and even their own miniature cutscenes are common in RPGs. While these can be thrilling to watch the first few times, especially when players are figuring out the best builds for their favorite characters, it becomes frustrating as a waste of time.

Tower of Fantasy includes the option to turn off these cutscenes. To do so, simply go to the menu, then to Basic and Camera OptionsAnd off Discharge Skill Animation. Doing so removes the unnecessary tedium of spamming these effects in battle, allowing gamers to spend more time playing for real.

Regardless of the minimap

Miniature maps are especially convenient because they allow players to see their surroundings without interrupting gameplay or constantly going in and out of menus while trying to navigate.

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The miniature map in Tower of Fantasy is certainly useful, but players should be careful not to ignore the original map.

Like many other games, the miniature map in Tower of Fantasy shows a scaled-down version of the world, meaning that the player based on it won’t be able to see things that are too far away.

The consequence of this is that important items and objects will be missed. To avoid this, just glance at the main map from time to time, especially when venturing through a new area.

Improved equipment and equipment placement

Both the gear and the slot to put the item in can be improved throughout the game. Players who are familiar with other RPGs will immediately understand the basic benefits of upgrading equipment: providing better stats and higher rarity, which will improve the character the most.

While equipment only benefits the character when it is used, the slots for equipment will provide permanent support when they are upgraded, regardless of what equipment is placed in it.

As such, item placement represents permanent improvements to the character and needs as much attention as equipment. Whenever there are enough resources to upgrade these slots, the player needs to do it right away because upgrading the character’s best weapon is not enough.

Turn off auto climb

The Basic tab of the main menu contains another feature that beginners should pay attention to, which is Auto Climb – auto climb. This feature allows players to automatically climb to eligible surfaces, simply getting close enough without requiring a jump and triggering the climb action manually.

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While using this feature is down to player preference and there are some situations where enabling auto-climb can be useful, many players will find it easier to disable it at first. This feature can cause the character to accidentally stick to any nearby wall while trying to navigate. To avoid unnecessary crashes, turn off Auto Climb to avoid unnecessary actions.

Using Relic Set

Players can create up to 3 Relic Sets in Tower of Fantasy. There are many ways to access these items, but one of the best ways for newbies is to have 1 set for movement, 1 set for damage, and 1 set to help with puzzles.

Having specialized Relic Sets for a single purpose makes it easy for players to tackle any challenge presented, navigate the world, solve puzzles and take down enemies without having to worry too much. much about Relic combinations. Players can freely swap between Relic Sets, as long as they’re not in combat, making changing things up quick and simple.

Pay attention to the minimap

The world of Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact and similar games is vast and players will need all sorts of help navigating. The minimap in Tower of Fantasy allows the player to do this, but it doesn’t just tell the player where he’s been.

One of the most important features of the minimap that beginners easily overlook is white diamonds. White diamonds appear on the minimap, marking the locations of interactive objects, such as those that give the player summons.

Use fire and ice

Elemental attacks play an important role in the strategy and balance of many RPGs. Enemies that are seemingly invincible, taking little or no damage from an attack, can be killed in a few hits or just one if the player uses combo attacks with the right element .

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Puzzles and objects in the environment can also require the appropriate element to overcome, and in Tower of Fantasy the most important elements are initially Fire and Ice. Having 2 sets of weapons (each with a different element) allows players to quickly swap between these essential elements, handling whatever challenge lies ahead without losing much speed.

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