Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: A Guide to Team Building

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is a simulation and strategy game based on funny and strange physics. The game recreates the great battles of history through action scenes that are funny and unusual to the point of absurdity.

Like any other strategy game, players need to build the right squad to win every match. In this article, let’s learn how to build a battle squad in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Instructions for building squads in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Full Phalanx

The full Phalanx is probably one of the first things gamers will think of when they hear the lineup in TABS. This squad has a total bet cost of 4400, uses Shield Bearer and Sarissa, contains 40 units.

The full Phalanx consists of 4 layers, each 10 units long: a Shield Bearer layer, followed by Sarissa, then a Shield Bearer, then again Sarissa, all tightly composed.

Strength: The full Phalanx is great for dealing with most ranged units like Archer due to the shield, and can also be quickly overpowered, dealing with a small number of melee units.

Weakness: The tight lineup of the full Phalanx is very weak for crowd control. Siege weapons will kill multiple units with each shot, and strong AoE units like Mammoth or Reaper will cut through those units easily. In addition, Musketeer’s shots will penetrate shields and fire several units at a time.

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Half Phalanx

Smaller version of the full Phalanx, half the size, consisting of 20 units priced at 2200. This formation is simply a 10-unit class of Shield Bearer, followed by a 10-unit class of Sarissas. .

Strength: Like the full Phalanx, but with less crowd control, simply because there are fewer crowds. Lower cost makes it easier to constitute.

Weakness: Similar to the full Phalanx, but weaker against single strong units, due to fewer numbers. It is also weaker than a full Phalanx in general, so only set up a half Phalanx if you can’t afford the full one due to unit or cost limitations.

Archer Phalanx

A variant of the full Phalanx with the back row replaced by an Archer, and a small space added between the 2nd and 3rd rows. Constructed exactly like the full Phalanx, but with a slightly higher cost. The first and second layers remain the same, then there is a 1-layer gap, finally a Shield Bearer layer in front of an Archer class.

Strength: Like full Phalanx but has good firepower to destroy enemy ranged units and unprotected melee units.

Weakness: Less power in melee combat due to the halved number of Sarissas and full Phalanx weaknesses.

Full Pike and Shot

This 2 class formation has quite a few units but the power is really high. Consisting only of Renaissance units, the lineup consisted of a class of 10 Halberd standing in front of 10 Musketeers.

Strength: The muskets will shoot through enemy shields and ranged units, while the shotgun will stop weakened melee units without too much trouble.

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Weakness: Shadow Walker distracts both of this squad’s unit types, and even when dealt with, they can cost Musketeer with better shots. A strong enough melee force can overwhelm Halberds, especially if left to spread muskets, which will hit fewer targets at once.

Half Pike and Shot

A smaller version of the Pike and Shot lineup, with half the number of Halberds but the same number of Musketeers. This squad has a class of 10 Musketeers behind 5 Halberds, spread out about the same size as the muskets class.

Strength: This squad possesses the same strengths as the full Pike and Shot.

Weakness: Similar to Pike and Shot, but more susceptible to melee attacks. Like the half Phalanx, players only use it when a full Pike and Shot formation is not feasible.

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