TOP weapons to use in Sons of The Forest

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When exploring the island in Sons of The Forest, players will encounter many different weapon recipes to add to their arsenal. Each weapon provides unique stats that can give an advantage in the fight against cannibals on a dangerous desert island.

Whether you love ranged or melee combat, Sons of The Forest has a wide range of weapons for players and friends to choose from, allowing each to specify his or her own role in combat. In this article, learn about some of the best weapons this terrifying island has to offer Sons of The Forest players.

TOP weapons to use in Sons of The Forest

Craftable Spear (spear)

The spear is a melee and ranged weapon made from sticks and tape in its early stages. Since it’s made of sticks, the player may have to craft a lot of spears as this weapon deals low damage and can get stuck in enemies.

While this spear may not be the best choice against large groups of cannibals, it is a great option for hunting when no other ranged weapon option is available. Throwing the spear allows for successful foraging without getting too close to the prey, so there’s no need to worry about scaring animals away.

Craftable Bow (bow)

The bow is another ranged weapon, which can be crafted with sticks and ropes to hunt animals and attack cannibals. Unlike the spear, this weapon also requires an arrow, meaning gamers must always collect and preserve it when hunting.

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While this is a great pick early in the game for ranged damage, aiming with a bow will be quite difficult. Furthermore, other ranged weapons provide much higher damage than this crafting option.

Tactical Ax (axe)

The ax is a starting weapon that will be extremely useful during most of Sons of The Forest’s gameplay. Acquired at the start of the game, this small and sleek black ax can be used to cut down trees as well as cannibals.

Although the Tactical Ax has the lowest damage of all axes, the smaller weapon size allows the player to swing the ax faster than using a larger weapon.

Stun Baton (Baton)

The Stun Baton is a melee weapon that can be found in the pile of bones on the island. This melee weapon deals minimal damage but stuns enemies with an electric shock whenever attacking them.

This baton can be a great choice in multiplayer servers. Just have one designated player always stun enemies with this weapon, while others use axes to finish off electrocuted cannibals.

Stun Gun (gun)

Similar to a baton, a stun gun is a long-range pistol that fires an electric current at enemies. Although this electric explosion does not deal great damage, the opponent hit will fall to the ground from the electric shock.

This is another great weapon to unlock in multiplayer servers as a dedicated gunner can use this weapon to stun enemies from a safe distance, while those in the role of inflicting damage destroy other opponents.

Modern Ax (ax)

Modern Ax is a larger version of Tactical Ax, useful for slashing through enemies and chopping down trees. After obtaining this weapon from an abandoned campsite, gamers can use this ax for most of their basic needs.

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Modern Ax is not only more useful for getting wood, but it also deals significantly more damage to enemies. While the attack speed is slightly slower than the smaller Tactical Ax, the increased damage makes melee combat much easier and safer.

Crossbow (crossbow)

An amazing upgrade from the Craftable Bow, the Crossbow is another ranged weapon capable of shooting arrows to damage enemies. Unlike the Craftable Bow, this weapon has a clear line of sight to make it easier to target and deal more damage per shot.

Crossbows are a great choice for anyone interested in stealth, as arrows make no noise and won’t alarm other cannibals nearby. Moreover, this weapon can also be used to silently hunt animals from a distance, such as deer.

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