TOP useful items to defeat Ender dragon in Minecraft

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Want Defeat Ender Dragon in MinecraftYou need to prepare well. Here are the items you should equip to Defeat Minecraft’s Ender Dragon.

Diamond or Netherite armor

Upgrade equipment to Netherite level in Minecraft

Since Ender Dragon is the final boss of Minecraft, equipping the best armor is a must.

Netherite items are stronger and more durable than diamonds. Each diamond armor piece provides two durability points for a total of 8, while Netherite grants three points per piece of armor for a total of 12.

To get Netherite tools, players need to find ancient shards, then melt them to get Netherite Scraps, craft them into Netherite ingots, and then use them to upgrade diamond items into sessions. the corresponding netherite version.

Enchanted Tool

Swords (ideally diamond or netherite) are used to damage dragons on their nests because arrows can’t harm them at this point.

Enchanting swords is highly recommended when playing Minecraft. Their sharpness increases damage to both dragons and Endermen.

Item blocks

Utilize blocks to climb towers or pillars that take you to a better angle of shooting End crystals. You should bring some stacks of blocks because End stones can’t be mined quickly, especially if you don’t have an Efficiency enchanted tool.

Water bucket

Interacting with water in Minecraft is quite difficult. As long as you hit the surface of the water at the end, the damage from falling from any height will be reduced to 0. This is also the reason for the “Water Bucket Trick”, where you create a surface of water right away. before minimizing damage from this accident.

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You can use this trick to remove lava encountered when searching for The End portal.

Ender Gems in Minecraft

Jade Ender

The Ender Gem is an item dropped by Enderman. It can be used to teleport. This ability is always useful and can help you out of difficult situations.

The Ender Pearl also has certain other benefits, such as locating strongholds and creating Ender’s eyes, both of which are useful when conquering The End as well as defeating Minecraft.

The golden apple is enchanted

The enchanted golden apple is the most powerful buff item in Minecraft. It gives players some of the most useful buffs in the game: Regeneration II for 20 seconds‌, IV Absorption for 2 minutes, Damage Resistance for 5 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes.

They can only be found in chests in desert pyramids, dungeons, jungle mansions, and mine shafts. Enchanted golden apples are useful in PvP, boss fights, and raid situations.

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