Top Eleven VNG: Important tips for good team management

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Top Eleven VNG: Football Manager is a strategy game, simulation of team management, released in Vietnam by VNG. The game gives gamers the most authentic coach experience with a multitude of activities, from signing superstar players, to building your own epic stadium.

Top Eleven VNG is the place where gamers’ dreams of building the greatest football club come true, with countless tournaments, going through a series of thrilling matches and winning the most glorious title for their team. me.

To do this, let’s continue reading the article and discover the tips to know when playing Top Eleven VNG and become the undefeated team in any match.

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Top Eleven VNG: Important tips for good team management

Build a comprehensive squad

A good squad is rated at 90% and above, below this rate would be the average team. At the same time, without a number of players on the bench, the club could suffer at the crucial moment of a game or a season due to players being suspended.

Gameplay and lineup

These two things in a game should go hand in hand otherwise the player can suffer heavy damage. Gamers need a balanced squad to face any kind of opponent.

Most people usually choose a balanced formation to start with, but if there is an offensive or defensive formation, it is advisable to switch to an offensive or defensive style respectively. Specializing in hard defense or just focusing on attack is always risky, so it is not recommended when starting out.

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Attend matches

The trend of the game shows that there is more chance of winning if the manager also attends the match. So try to attend matches whenever possible. Players can use the home match rescheduling options to arrange for a time that is convenient for them.

Attending a match also helps when a key player is injured or suspended and needs to change formations or tactics. But if the manager is not present during the game, then the substitute will simply replace the injured players. In the event of a suspension for a red card during the match, the player’s position will remain vacant. Therefore, attending the match plays an important role in many cases to ensure victory.

Team training

The next two important factors are good training and team bonuses. Most managers have great teams, but they still can’t achieve success simply because they don’t maintain a reasonable level of compensation.

Managers should keep team training and bonuses at close to 10% for easy opponents and 10% for equal or stronger opponents. Players need to keep this bonus amount as high as possible for the entire squad. Train the players with the perfect training session to reach 10% with the least energy cost.

Collect training points

If you train your player or complete a match, get instant training points. Pay attention to the player’s position and his duties. This point can be used to improve players, but note that training points should not be used to attack defensive players and vice versa.

Health and spirit

A player’s condition must be at least 80% so that he can play the whole game without getting exhausted. If the players start with less than 80% health then they will feel tired in the first half and have a weak performance.

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Morale is also a very important factor for players and it has an indirect influence on the game. Therefore, before entering the game, the players should check their condition and spirit, and need to give the whole team a rest to improve this factor.

Winning Bonus

Winning bonuses are necessary to keep player morale high. A good bonus will definitely motivate the players to perform well. Therefore, what players need to do is divide them with an appropriate amount of bonuses according to the management level as well as the budget.

Support from management and fans

Support from fans and like friends, management always brings many advantages. All the player needs to do is have a certain number of friends who can assist during a match.

To get 5% more fans in a match, players need to keep ticket prices low and parking has to be updated according to stadium level.

Expanding the stadium

Players should invest money in the game to expand a number of different areas such as:

Stadium: By expanding the stadium, gamers also have more space for new viewers. More ticket sales will bring more resources to invest in stronger new players.

Youth Academy: To access good players with a little less Token, gamers can expand and upgrade Youth Academy. This brings young talent to the club at a very low cost.

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