Tips to win every match in Zooba

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Zooba is a survival game loved for its fun and originality on a familiar game platform, focusing on animals fighting with each other. Each animal has a special ability and different strength to fight using weapons such as pistols, bows, grenades, …

The player’s goal is to always take the lead and become the last animal left in the match. To make this easier, apply the following Zooba tips and take the top spot in every match and get the best possible rewards.

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Tactics to win

After finding your place on the map for the current battle, it’s time to start collecting items. Trying to land in a place with fewer opponents, in a less populated area, will make the effort to collect weapons and items less difficult.

As you move around the battlefield, keep an eye out for the higher level versions of each weapon. Players can also get stronger equipment by defeating opponents who possess them.

Hide into dense areas to kill enemies from a distance, so that the surroundings obscure the player’s character from enemy sight.

Avoid wading through the water and remember to get anyone stuck in the water out whenever you find them. When encountering many enemies in battle, throw a grenade and try to eliminate a few opponents.

Most importantly, always perform 2 actions at the same time during combat. For example, activate a grenade and do a shotgun attack (while the enemy is trying to stay away from the explosion) or build a shield then throw a grenade to keep yourself well protected from damage.

Play with different characters

As you play through different matches and win trophies for your efforts, you will collect different types of rewards and upgrade to new tournaments through the menu. Progression. One thing gamers should note is that playing with a certain character will help unlock more features through the Ghost submenu.Stery in tab Progression.

Immediately after unlocking a new character, send it to war in a few matches. This will help familiarize yourself with that character’s special abilities and see if it suits your playstyle.

If it doesn’t feel good to play the newly unlocked animal, return to your favorite character or another new animal so you can continue to unlock bonus items in Mastery.

The best item to use

When opening the chest, the player can receive a copy of the character they already own (used to upgrade the character), in addition to the attached items. The most prominent and best equipment items are the following:

  • Nitro Shotgun
  • Happy Trees
  • Adrenaline Shot
  • Cluster Bomb
  • Helium Canister
  • Fire Repellant
  • Jungle Shoes

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