Tips to win every match in Standoff 2

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Standoff 2 is a first-person shooter game, considered as CS:GO on mobile devices, giving players the ultimate real-time combat experience.

The game features a number of features such as detailed maps, taking gamers around the world, from a picturesque provincial town to a top-secret mountain laboratory. Joining Standoff 2, players will take their favorite gun, start fighting with their skills and abilities in many competitive modes.

To help players quickly get up to the pace of intense gun battles, this article will provide tips for winning every fight in Standoff 2.

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This tip will show exactly how players can change their positions to get more lives, with the Sandstone map as an example. Basically, any angle with playable areas is a good angle. After firing the first shot, gamers can jump out of hiding to surprise the enemy from a new angle.

Depending on the situation, people can jump to another location and perform the action again. Being in a good defensive position will help players observe the opponent, thereby surviving longer. Players can also use this technique on any area of ​​any map.

Hide and surprise attack

After finding a good position, it’s time to do it peeking – hide and surprise attack. When peeking at an opponent, the player is only exposed to 1 corner at a time. Doing this will allow for 1-on-1 battles, with a much higher chance of winning than 2v1.

One of the popular techniques is jiggle-peeking – quickly get out of hiding to observe or bait the enemy and return to position immediately. This technique is performed by repeatedly pressing the keys A and EASY if playing with emulator. Doing this will allow to gather information about the surroundings and possibly fire some shots at the enemy.

Assault on the enemy formation

Flanking is a general ambush technique, jumping on the target from the dead corner or the outer corner, sneaking behind the enemy formation. After seeing some enemies in the opposite location, walk across the standing location and try to get behind the enemies.

Doing this will pressure the other team and kill some enemies. Remember that they will also anticipate being raided, so make sure your actions are unpredictable.

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