Tips to rescue the dog in Save The Doge

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Save The Doge is a puzzle game, intellectual fun, challenging players with the task of rescuing the dog from being attacked by a swarm of bees. By drawing lines, people will prevent the bees from stinging the dog in many difficult levels. The shorter the line that everyone draws, the higher the score received.

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Surely this is not a simple task, so the following tips to rescue the dog in Save The Doge will be extremely useful, besides the thinking and drawing strategy of gamers.

Tips to rescue the dog in Save The Doge

Draw a circle or semicircle around the dog

Anytime painting a dog shelter or trying to keep bees out by covering the area, it’s not a bad idea. However, there is a better way, which is to try to draw a circle around the dog whenever possible with some variation. The line drawn will also depend on the available places and shapes near the dog, accordingly.

Assuming there is a triangular gap on the head then everyone will have to create a triangular box around the dog. This will make it difficult for bees to move or get inside. So in this way gamer will win easily.

Don’t try to get 3 stars right away

Don’t worry too much about getting 3 stars at every level, especially the more difficult special levels. Instead, first find a way to save the dog, after completing the goal, try again with a shorter and more effective stroke to win 3 stars for any level you play through. Players can also watch video ads in exchange for tips on how to complete that level.

Use bone money sensibly

Bone coins are used to buy other skins, which can be used in the game. Skins don’t provide any special powers, just make the character look different in the game.

Usually, people have the option of doubling the coins collected in the game by watching ads. However this is not really necessary and there is nothing really good to spend money on at the moment, except for the skins that do nothing but change the appearance.

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Getting 3 stars in the game with a draw as short as possible to save the dog can be quite difficult to do. If that is not possible, gamers should choose to watch ads to get a maximum score of 3 stars in Save The Doge.

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