Tips to play Sky: Children of the Light gamers need to know

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Tips to play Sky: Children of the Light gamers need to know

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After playing any game for a while, people are bound to find out things you wish you knew sooner. Whatever it is, knowing about it sooner will probably improve everyone’s gaming experience.

This is true of Sky: Children Of The Light (SCOTL). At first glance, it seems simple – save the Spirits and collect everything. However, the game is much more than beautiful graphics, so in this article, let’s explore Sky: Children of the Light tips to overcome the obstacles in your journey with ease. than.

Touch the character to find the way

Players will travel alone under the sky to search for lost souls and save them. However, if the path is not visible in the middle of the journey, the game does not provide hints to find the way, such as the map.

However, there is still a trick to use to find your way if you feel confused, which is to touch your avatar in the game.

When clicking on his character, even if he is lost, the player can still quickly find the direction to go, because a star will show exactly where to go.

Make friend

Friends are essential in this social adventure game because if you have friends, the gameplay is much more accessible than usual. In every situation of SCOTL, friends are essential, and here gamers will find friends in their journey of discovery from land to land, saving lost souls.

When you see other players roaming the lands, gamers can touch them to add as friends. Each friendship in this game can be enhanced by using collected candles.

After making friends, players can use candles to strengthen their friendship, and unlock new abilities such as holding hands, hugging, chatting with each other, high high five, …

One tip to strengthen friendships with friends is to send gifts to your friends. In doing so, their friendship will improve and at the same time, sending gifts will also make their adventures easier.

Recharge to fly up

There are 2 ways for players to explore areas in this game, that is walking and flying. However, the character is not always able to walk everywhere because there are situations where it is necessary to fly and cross the roads.

Light energy is not wasted while walking, but the light energy collected for the cloak will be used when the character is flying. Therefore, gamers need to recharge their capes to be able to continue to fly high.

To recharge needed while flying, stand near light sources or creatures. Light sources are everywhere in this game, so the player won’t have to face a shortage of the energy needed to get his character to fly.

After charging enough energy that the character needs to fly with a cape, gamers should walk to a place with a light source. Light sources can be easily identified as they are self-illuminating. When standing near a light source, it will provide the necessary energy for the character to fly.

Collect the candles

Candles are the base currency in Sky: Children Of The Light. So they are essential and important, so there is no reason not to collect them in different ways.

One of the best tips and strategies that can be used to collect leftover candles is to light the red candles and burn the green plants that you can see in different areas of the game map.

When collecting light, it will increase the candle meter and accumulate more candles for gamers. So, don’t miss the opportunities where you can earn candles and collect as many as possible.

Explore the Kingdom

When new to the game, gamers will only unlock one kingdom, but as they progress in SCOTL, people will be able to unlock more kingdoms to explore. In each kingdom, players have a specific job to do, such as freeing souls, and also need to collect more souls to unlock new portals to adventure to new kingdoms. .

Also, in each kingdom, there is a constellation that needs to be unlocked and completed to earn extra rewards. This quest can be done while recalling the memories of the souls encountered in each realm. Each area in this game is based on a specific emotion, representing certain stages of life so explore them all and enjoy them.

Updated: 30/06/2023
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