Tips to play Royal Match gamers need to know

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Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game that combines building a splendid castle and making your kingdom prosperous. The game sounds simple but still challenging. In this article, let’s find out the most useful hints, tips and tricks Royal Match players need to know to get through every level of the game.

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Check the requirements of the game screen

When playing match-3 puzzle games, players should always make sure to always specify what the game requires. People will see the challenges to overcome in the top right corner of the screen. Just playing and removing colored blocks at random won’t help. Players need to make sure that all moves are valid.

Track your moves

The number of moves in a level will be limited, so remember to check how many steps you have left to complete the challenge that the level poses. If you run out of steps, think about how many more moves you will need before deciding whether to spend coins to continue playing.

Complete mission

When receiving stars, people can use them to build their kingdom. When upgrading and building is completed, the area gauge is full, the player will receive a chest filled with boosts, items and coins.

Use special cells wisely

Players need to make sure they are using special tiles to remove colored blocks, helping to complete the challenge quickly. Think about what happens when using them and how to make the most of these supports’ exceptional destructive power.

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Save your boost when you have a hard time

Players should not squander support boosts until they fail a level a few times. If used without a plan, the player will no longer have any support when in trouble. Gamers should only use them when they can’t pass a level, these boosts can play an important role in completing the challenge.

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