Tips to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for beginners

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If opening a restaurant is everyone’s dream, restaurant management simulation games are the fastest way to experience and enjoy this job. People can develop any type of restaurant they want and with My Hotpot Story – Happy Street Hot Pot, everyone will have the opportunity to build, operate and develop a famous hotpot restaurant.

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In this article, let’s explore the most basic tips that beginners should know to easily run a restaurant in Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop.

Tips to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for beginners

Control restaurant operating costs

The developers have done a great job in making My Hotpot Story as realistic as possible. Just like in real life, economics is one of the essential parts of any hot pot restaurant management simulation game. Therefore, like many other games of the same genre, everyone should manage their spending properly.

Try to improve the restaurant gradually and never go into debt. While it may sound obvious, this advice can save gamers from going bankrupt in the future.

Perform suggested tasks

As with any other game, people will start with a small amount of cash in My Hotpot Story. Moreover, to get a stable income and regular customers will take a lot of work. And one of the best things a beginner can do in such a complex situation is complete the suggested quest list.

The developers have created this system, especially for beginners. Here, players will be suggested tasks to help develop their business. In addition, when completing the tasks on the list, everyone will receive a significant amount of cash. So make sure to check the daily task list and do them as soon as possible.

Hire new employees

Employees are the most important part of any restaurant, and the staff in Happy Sugar Hot Pot Restaurant are no exception. Players will learn how their 5 types of employees work at the start of the game: Receptionist, Waiter, Cashier, Bartender and Chef.

Gamers will achieve the best results only when these individuals work synergistically. But the most important thing is that the staff will take care of the restaurant while the player is not accessing the game. They will make money until the dishes are put in the sink. Moreover, the professional staff increases the service rating, making the restaurant more expensive.

Use gift codes

Free resources in any game are always helpful. And in fact, redeeming the code is one of the best ways to get free resources in My Hotpot Story. Fortunately, developers regularly give away new code to active gamers. So, please refer to the Summary of Happy Sugar Hot Pot Codes and how to enter them to quickly receive useful items for restaurant development.

Decoration for hot pot shop

Players need to know that decorating the areas of the restaurant is very important because it brings many benefits. This allows people to expand their restaurant and attract more guests. Therefore, gamers should buy new furniture as soon as full staff is recruited.

Players just need to press the . button Shop and choosing the desired decoration will bring some bonus. Specifically, the equipped furniture will provide the following bonuses:

  • Decorations for the kitchen speed up cooking time, significantly increasing income.
  • Exterior decoration will attract customers’ attention, creating a queue in front of the restaurant.
  • The decoration of the hall helps to increase the number of seats inside the restaurant. Plus, it speeds up meal times, allowing you to serve more people per hour.
  • Decorating the private room, auditorium and buffet lounge has the same purpose of unlocking new dining areas.

Unlock and update new recipes

The central part of any restaurant is the menu and the dishes in it. And one of the most lucrative things people can do in this game is unlock new recipes. At the bottom of the screen people can find the . button Develop. Tap it and use the dish’s Element to unlock dishes at random. Every time a new dish is unlocked, the restaurant rating will also increase.

In addition, gamers should remember that to unlock dishes, players need to upgrade them because every dish has a 5-star rating. The more stars the dish has, the more profit the player will make when selling it. Moreover, updating the dishes also increases the restaurant rating.

In short, developing a restaurant in Happy Sugar Hot Pot is a complicated process. Just like in real life, people should consider many different aspects to drive the business forward. Also, be sure to log into the game regularly to refresh your automatic earnings.

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