Tips to play Gangstar Vegas gamers need to know

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Gangstar Vegas is an open-world sandbox and shooter game by Gameloft, inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series. In this game, everyone will play the role of an MMA fighter, building a gangster gang in hopes of winning the Mafia wars. There are 80 quests to go through in Gangstar Vegas, as well as a massive city that Gameloft claims is nine times larger than the previous game.

Open World Shooter - Gangstar Vegas
Open World Shooter – Gangstar Vegas

Players can participate in challenges including car, boat and plane racing, as well as MMA battles – the character’s original work. Then collect and upgrade your arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Becoming the top mafia gang in Vegas is certainly challenging, but with the following Gangstar Vegas tips, everyone will get a head start on the road to success.

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Complete all quests

This may sound like a cheat but it’s totally possible in Gangstar Vegas. And it’s even easier in Gangstar Rio, by accessing the shop during all missions, allowing to buy health as needed. Here, the player can go to the shop through the map screen and buy all the kits, weapons, ammo, and armor he needs.

This part of the game has more items than before, and since support kits in particular are difficult to find during actual gameplay, Gameloft has made it easy for players to complete all of their missions without needing to do so. much effort.

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Access quests on the map screen

Gameloft allows players in Gangstar Vegas to instantly go to mission locations instead of driving there. All gamers need to do here is go to the map screen, tap the mission icon, then press Begin to get things started. This saves people the effort of driving around Las Vegas to get wherever they need to be present to start a mission.

Run and shoot

The game still has the old shooting mechanism, but there are still some points to keep in mind. In most cases, gamers can complete the mission by running and shooting, shooting at enemies then running away before they get hit.

People can easily buy health gear, armor, and other things, making it easy to regain speed. Don’t bother using protective cloaking systems, as they are a bit awkward to use and not worth the constant effort.

Buy more advanced weapons

Players should not use a small pistol for long periods of time. If you can afford an assault rifle, buy it as your main weapon. While pistols may work fine, they shouldn’t be used for long periods of time. If there is something better, then start using it to increase the effectiveness of killing opponents.

Upgrade the necessary skills

Vehicle skills are skills that allow faster movement, which are basically useless in this game. The skills gamers should upgrade are health, because people will need it a lot, as well as damage and fire rate for weapons.

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