Tips to play Brawl Stars gamers need to know

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Brawl Stars is one of the action shooter games that owns the most loyal fan base. Join the game, everyone will form teams to fight 3v3 with gamers around the world in real time.

The game regularly updates many new mechanisms and features that can make newbies feel confused. Therefore, the following Brawl Stars tips and tricks will help newbies get acquainted, improve their skills quickly and win every match.

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Auto-targeting isn’t always good

Multiplayer will use Brawl Stars’ auto-targeting mechanics. This is great for close range Brawlers as some deal more damage at empty spots. However, other Brawlers, such as Barley or Piper, will not benefit from automatic targeting.

The auto aim can make the enemy see the incoming shot and easily dodge it. Meanwhile, doing it manually and predicting the enemy’s movements will be more effective in some situations.

For long range Brawlers, the same logic should be used as the shots will take a short time to reach the target. It may take a while for new players to master the skill of aiming, but after a little practice, it will make it harder for opponents to move into a favorable position.

Team up with friends

In a team fighting game, teaming up with friends enhances the gameplay experience. This allows the player to choose a strong team with active and well-interactive Brawlers.

Chatting to exchange strategies in a match will improve the odds of winning. Besides, even if a teammate is eliminated, they can still show the opponent’s position or hint when to use their skills strategically.

Choose a Brawler that matches the map

By clicking on the word “i” Besides the map in the menu screen, gamers can view event information, as well as a map. Some maps have environmental hazards, such as spikes, green poison clouds, and rogue darts. For these dangers, people should consider using a Brawler with high health or teleportation.

Knowing the map layout before playing is also an advantage. For open spaces, a ranged Brawler like Bea or Penny might be a better choice. However, if the map has a certain path with lots of walls, Shelly or Rico would be more suitable. Whatever the situation, it’s better for players to thoroughly understand the match map before risking losing their hard-earned titles.

Save Gems for Brawl Pass

The most valuable currency in Brawl Stars is gems. They allow players to buy Skins, Mega Boxes and, more importantly, Brawl Passes. Each season, the cheaper Brawl Pass option costs 169 gems, guaranteeing players a unique Skin, a new Brawler, and many other goodies.

In terms of value, the Brawl Pass is always a good idea if people can afford it. There are 90 gems to collect for free in the Brawl Pass or on rare occasions free gems may also appear in the shop along with daily giveaways.

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