Tips to play Azur Lane gamers need to know

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Azur Lane is a role-playing game that puts players in a beautiful manga-style naval battle, forced to win to become the best commander.

Joining Azur Lane, everyone will play a seasoned commander, entering the fierce battle in the ocean.

The game has some special mechanics and it will take quite a while for new players to discover them all and start thriving. If you are also having trouble, please refer to the following important tips that Azur Lane gamers need to know.

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Tips to play Azur Lane gamers need to know

Get a free 6-star train

The 6-star ship is the rarest of its kind, extremely hard to find during normal gameplay, even after fighting for weeks. However, if you log into the game every day for just 1 week, you can get 1 free 6 star ship. Once logged in for the required number of days, the ship will be sent to the in-game mailbox.

Get special skins for free

The collection of different skins is something that gamers who love Waifu girls pay special attention to. There are many skins in Azur Lane, but most of them have to be purchased with gems.

If you don’t want to spend gems, you can earn free skins by completing some event missions. These quest types are regularly updated and provide a new look for the character, so be sure to check them out often.

Monitor intimacy

Azur Lane has a very unique mechanism of affinity level. The player’s ships have 4 different emotional levels, which directly affect their performance on the battlefield.

Each ship starts at Stranger level and will have a high level of intimacy if the player upgrades regularly and is given a break.

Ships that reach the Crush level offer several advantages, such as a shorter cooldown.

There is a caveat that the level of interaction can also reduce the level, to an annoying level if the player frequently uses the ship. In this case, even with a strong ship, gamers may still have difficulty winning battles.

Treat your ships like real people and remember that working continuously will lower their morale. Therefore, remember to change the ships in the fleet regularly and let them rest.

Pay attention to additional goals

When the battle is over, the reward received will change depending on the level of effectiveness. Players get more objectives in each battle and completing them will help win more prizes. The most common goal is to finish the match in under 120 seconds.

Don’t reroll

If you don’t like the original ship you get, you shouldn’t reroll and start over. This tactic can work for Knight Chronicles but is completely useless against Azur Lane.

The most important reason is that the probability of getting a ship of SR (Super Rare) level is only 7%. Therefore, gamers may not get the desired results even after rerolling many times. Azur Lane is very generous in giving away new ships so, instead of rerolling, keep playing the game.

Remove unused ships

The player can discard unused ships as they are of no use in the inventory. Removing it helps everyone get back resources as well as “medals of honor” – a very important item because they can be exchanged for high-level ships. So by using this method, gamers can earn high quality ships for free. Both options are available on the menu Build.

Complete quests more than once

People can redo any completed task again. Players will continue to win bonuses and if they manage to achieve additional goals, the amount will be more.

If you have difficulty with a task, move on to another task that you completed earlier. In fact, since some quests reward random ships, this can be used as an effective tactic: keep completing the same quest to get new ships.

Upgrade equipment in the ship

Not only ships but equipment can also be improved. Upgrading all equipment on a ship will increase both their damage and fire rate. Gamers can collect the materials needed for this process from the quest rewards. Remember to check the equipment condition of the ships in your fleet regularly and try to improve each one.

Academy Building plays an important role

Academy Building may seem boring, but it’s pretty important. The amount of oil needed to participate in battles is steadily increasing and if you want to continue to receive it for free, gamers must constantly upgrade the level of the Canteen. Since each upgrade takes a certain amount of time to complete, players should start upgrading this building at the beginning of the game.

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