Tips to make money quickly in Wylde Flowers

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Wylde Flowers is a farm simulation game, with Tara Wylde a witch as the main character, that takes the player to explore potions, magical cat transformations, as well as common activities such as planting. cultivating, harvesting and raising animals.

Wylde Flowers changes the formula of traditional farm simulation games by adding witches and a bit of magic, but that doesn’t mean money isn’t important.

Wylde Flowers Farm Simulation Game - Wylde Flowers
Wylde Flowers Farm Simulation Game – Wylde Flowers

Finding the best ways to earn money quickly and reliably is an important part of games of this genre. This will help players expand and develop the farm comprehensively. In this article, let’s find out quick money making tips in Wylde Flowers.

Cooking Fish Fingers

There are many ways to earn money in Wylde Flowers, including cooking, mining, looting forest items, and going fishing in the afternoon. However, not all of these options generate the same amount of money, some methods even work only at the end of the game. When trying to make quick money in the early game, cooking Fish Fingers is one of the best options.

The recipe of Fish Fingers is very simple: 1 random fish and 1 packet of flour. Fish Fingers is a starter recipe, so it’s available immediately, allowing players to start making quick money. This dish sells for 100 coins, and since the dough can be purchased for 15 coins (or made using 1 wheat), the player will easily have a substantial profit of 70 coins.

Processing Fish Fingers for sale is one of the easiest methods of making money for gamers who want to get rich quickly in Wylde Flowers.

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Regular mining

Although some players prefer to make money from the farm, mining is also one of the most lucrative activities in the game. There are a few things people can do to make money faster while mining. The first step is to use Speed ​​Boost and Summon Small Things spells to mine more efficiently.

The use of magic is what sets Wylde Flowers apart from other farm simulation games, so it’s nice to take advantage of it. Once the spells are cast, go to the mine and start mining any ore.

Mining expeditions are the most profitable. However, they can quickly drain Tara’s energy, so it’s important to bring some food to eat to stay energized.

Players can create ingots from the ore they collect and then sell them to Natalia or Francis. Natalia will also buy the player’s stones, while Francis will buy gems. Using this method, gamers can earn thousands of coins in a relatively short time.

While mining, crafting, and selling metal ingots is a more labor-intensive process than cooking Fish Fingers, it is highly profitable and more interactive, which means people It can be more fun to play while watching your pocketbook grow.

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