Tips to make money quickly in Hobo: Tough Life

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Each survival game setting has its own unique challenges. For example, stranded on a tropical island, diving for water and shelter from the sun, or being abandoned on an icy mountain, having to find a way to stay warm and run away from wolves, .. .

Going beyond the standard or conventional setting of survival games, Hobo: Tough Life is a unique experience full of difficulties and challenges. While it may not be entirely realistic, the title’s depiction of homelessness and poverty can be difficult to deal with in many ways.

Players will want food and other supplies to survive, and for this, money is the only method. This is not a simple matter for a homeless person, so let’s check out the quick money making tips in Hobo: Tough Life.

Performing duties and errands

One of the best ways to earn money in the game, especially in the early stages when the player has almost nothing, is by completing quests. There are many options in this category but for making money fast, the best choice is Langos first quest. Then the player can always come Pawn Shop to do longer tasks.

Langos is located in the camp outside the stone bridge, near the hole where the gamer starts the game. He wants players to pick up some scrap metal, a task that doesn’t take long but offers nice rewards. The amount of scrap metal lying in a trailer in Sugar Refinery near.

Players need to use Lockpick to open the trailer and steal the scrap, this will reduce Moralebut selling those 4 scraps brings in 120 cents in just a few minutes of work.

Then come Labor Office To get a temporary job is another great way to earn extra money. Street sweeping is quick and easy and players will earn 100 coins in just a few minutes.

The thing to keep in mind here is to be careful to avoid being blocked by local thugs. This is a simple job for quick cash flow and best of all, players don’t need special resources nor advanced skills to complete it.

Actively begging and collecting coins

Completing quests and errands are some of the fastest ways to earn money in Hobo: Tough Life, but they’re not the only methods.

Begging is a necessary money-making method that no player should ignore. Whether on a mission or just wandering the city, stopping to beg for mercy from nearby residents is always worth it.

Even if rejected, the player’s begging skill will also increase with the effort, making it easier to earn money in the future. This game is indeed a tough world, but begs to at least give the player a chance to survive.

Another great way to earn money is to check the phone booths and vending machines around the city for change. Although they only provide a few coins, they are enough for players to quickly accumulate a larger amount.

Through a combination of quests, errands, begging and hunting for change, players can quickly earn enough to survive the streets of Praslav in this unique survival game.

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