Tips to know when playing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is part of the Plants vs. Famous Zombies. The game focuses on protecting the house from a horde of invading zombies by using special plants to destroy them.

It sounds simple, but players need a lot of skill and time to master, in order to stop the opponent. People can choose to stick with Plants or Zombies, instead of just fighting zombies like in the original game. In this article, let’s learn tips to help defeat opponents in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, whatever role people choose.

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Follow the main story before moving on to multiplayer

Players should learn how the game works through the main story, rather than jumping right into multiplayer. It puts gamers in different situations and matches to practice their skills more proficiently.

They offer an opportunity to see how all the cards and gameplay mechanics work. An added bonus is resources, which allow additional card packs to be purchased to strengthen the deck.

Complete mission

There are 2 different types of quests to do Mission and hero. Every day, players will be assigned 3 Mission different to complete, yielding rewards on completion, such as gems.

Meanwhile, the quest hero exclusive to whatever hero the player is using. These quests tend to produce smaller rewards but are much easier to complete.

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The benefit of completing quests is something any gamer knows well, they provide an abundance of gems, helping to open packs and get better cards.

Define your strategy carefully

It sounds simple but it makes a big difference as the levels get more complicated and the layout starts to differ. Gamers should study the table, play their cards strategically and not make any hasty choices.

Decide to use plants or zombies

This was an important decision in PvZ Heroes and greatly influenced the way the game was played. Many people stick with plants because they are familiar with it in other games in the series. However, despite the power of plants, zombies are a better choice to go with.

This is because they can play tricks and deal damage after the opponent makes a move. This gives gamers a slight edge over their vegetal opponents, making the difference between victory and defeat. It can also affect how the game plays out and is often not in everyone’s favor.

Keep some brains

If you decide to use zombies, don’t forget to keep some brains for later, whenever needed.

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