Tips to know when playing Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

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Legend of Almedia: Idle RPG opens up a mythical world, with the magical land of Almia and full of adventures. Players must assume the role of a hero created to save the world from the forces of evil. The main goal of all players is to upgrade teams, heroes, buildings and many other resources.

Gamers can collect new heroes with their own unique abilities to get ahead of all other enemies.

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG . Legend of Almia: Idle RPG
Legend of Almia: Idle RPG . Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Strategic combat, tough monsters, and challenging battles are the main points that make this game so popular. Players must carry weapons, build their best strategies, abilities and tactics to defeat all enemy forces.

In this article, let’s find out tips for playing Legend of Almia: Idle RPG for beginners, helping to upgrade equipment, increase power and defeat all evil monsters.

Use hero support wisely

Use support heroes when you can’t win with your single protagonist. Although they can’t deal as much damage as the main characters, they are still useful in battles. These heroes can be used for healing, buffs, and debuffs. Players need to remember to bring a support hero when preparing to go to battle to create a strong team.

Using the equipment merge function

Sometimes, in this game, people will get some equipment that is not useful to them because there are too many things in their pocket. Many parts of this equipment can be used by merging functions, combining them into a part of higher level equipment. It’s a great way to convert redundant and unused resources into more useful tools.

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Use Auto-Battle to farm items

Using the auto-battle feature can help gamers a lot in saving farming time. If farming specific items player can save their time and earn it easily by using feature Auto-Battle. Just select the stage you want to farm and let the game run in auto-battle mode. It leads to a huge advantage because people can keep farming while doing other things.

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