Tips to know when playing horror game MADiSON

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MADiSON is a psychological horror game that tells a very creepy, creepy and scary story in which the main character, Luca, must explore various locations in and around his grandfather’s house.

Using a special camera, Luca will explore creepy local areas, taking pictures to solve the game’s intricate and puzzling puzzles. A demon has infiltrated the family line and the dark ritual will now take place with Luca at its center.

Horror game
Psychological horror game – MADiSON

MADiSON is truly scary, from the breathtaking 3D sound, the unexpected moments to the game’s ingenious puzzles, making gamers immersed in every nook and cranny. The game does a pretty good job of getting players up to speed when exploring this awful game, however, there are still some good things to keep in mind when first entering MADiSON.

Tips to know when playing horror game MADiSON

Explore every single nook and cranny

No need to worry that MADiSON is a rather complicated game that requires players to search around, doors, safes, and corridors. One of the best things to know early on in this game is that it doesn’t hold players back in anything.

Luca has a notebook to help the player follow an overarching path, such as searching for a door or a certain part of a house, the game mostly requires judgment and exploration.

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Now, this can be a boon or a hindrance depending on what type of player experiences MADiSON, however, in both approaches, exploration is crucial to success in this game, especially especially when it comes to confusing puzzles.

Usually, a scrap of paper or key is hidden out of reach, requiring the player to search every nook and cranny of the game world.

Store items in a shared safe

MADiSON has loads of items to discover, collect, interact with, and store for future puzzles. New players will be confused as to how to store all the important items that stumble across Luca’s arduous journey.

The game offers the player 8 storage slots, and these slots fill up pretty quickly with important special items, Luca’s notebook, a hammer, and some other surprises.

Fortunately, the game not only causes players to randomly miss items, but instead offers red safes scattered throughout certain parts of the game.

These multi-purpose safes can hold many items and any item can be removed from any safe thus making it extremely useful. However, one of the hardest things about playing MADiSON is that it is very difficult to know which items to store and which items to keep in Luca’s inventory because puzzles often require a lot of things to solve.

Puzzles often require solving in many ways

MADiSON is an intricate puzzle-focused horror game. This dichotomy makes the game quite annoying because it’s really hard to know what’s going to happen next. The puzzles in this game combine with many older horror series like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, requiring players to think a lot broader.

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Most of the puzzles in this game require multiple steps, often resulting in finding a few key items, returning them to a certain location, using Luca’s camera to decipher what to do, then put it all together.

One way to get through the puzzles is to simply focus your time on one environment at a time, make sure every item is picked up, and interact with each other before moving on.

Use the camera when there are many photos lying around

Easily the most unique feature of MADiSON is Luca’s camera. This vintage camera takes pictures in real time and can reveal clues about Madison’s demise, his grandfather’s obsession with contacting the dead, and Luca’s role in all of it. Scary supernatural is going on.

In normal game mode, the camera can be used as much as possible without worrying about running out of movies, running out of battery and the like.

While the game is incredibly generous with its camera resources, many people may be confused about when to use it to solve a puzzle or otherwise make the game’s intense story progress. .

Fortunately, MADiSON gives players a cue in the form of pictures lying around an environment. When the player sees a series of shots in a certain area, it means that the camera should be used to pass.

Simply snap snapshots of various environmental details to reveal their contents. The photo will then need to be shaken to show a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

Events and quizzes appear randomly

MADiSON’s replay value is not high, as ending Luca’s ghost story and starting a new playthrough will still lead to the same result. What’s interesting, however, is that MADiSON avoids this by changing the puzzles, locations, and key items all differently, at least to some extent, ensuring each player has a different experience. each other with the game.

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This is an important thing to keep in mind, as a challenging puzzle-focused horror game like MADiSON can leave many gamers looking for a tutorial. In general, solutions, items, and puzzles have the same overarching path, but they will change locations slightly and also reshape the solution. This also works with ghosts that appear randomly, haunting the player in every corner.

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