Tips to know when playing Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game about the mysterious wizarding world of Harry Potter. The game’s massive open world has a lot to do with gamers, and it can be difficult to get started even after completing the tutorial. Fortunately, there are ways to make the first few hours a little easier for beginners.

This article will provide tips on spells, gear and general hints to avoid wasting time in Hogwarts Legacy, quickly learning everything in a long way of the most anticipated RPG title of 2023.

Tips to know when playing Hogwarts Legacy

Use Revelio to uncover mysteries and earn XP faster

Revelio is basically witch vision and will highlight objects, enemies, and loads of things in the world. It works through walls, displaying enemies, loot, interactable objects, and basically anything.

That’s why Revelio is so useful and should be used wherever you go. It will also reveal a lot of Field Guide Pages appearing in hidden places for players to collect. Out of all the Hogwarts Legacy spells, this is the one that players will use the most.

Exchange higher level equipment to improve stats

The player’s character will get better witch robes over the course of the game. The huge amount of equipment accumulated means that players will have to regularly check what they have collected.

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This should help get some pretty quick stats progress by always switching to better gear. Gamers will see a green arrow indicating better stats next to items when collecting them (and red if it’s weaker), so if possible, swap for stronger gear as soon as you see them.

Sell ​​equipment to get more space and earn money

Players will receive a lot of equipment in Hogwarts Legacy such as scarves, hats, capes, etc. However, initially there will be only 20 spaces for equipment. So, until you start completing Merlin Trails to get more empty slots, gamers should get in the habit of selling off anything they don’t use.

These can be sold to vendors in Hogsmeade or scattered throughout the vast map. Although it is possible to destroy items if there is too much space, it is better to sell them for money.

Open eyeball chests for quick money

The eyeball chest appeared quite early in the Hogwarts Legacy. Opening them up will earn the player 500 Galleons, which is useful cash, but like everything in this title, it’s tied to the story.

So keep playing the main missions until you see Secret of the Restricted Section. Completing this quest unlocks the Disillusionment spell that makes the character more or less invisible. After possessing this spell, gamers can sneak into eyeball chests and open them to get money inside.

Changing facial features at Hogsmeade

Once they’ve chosen their witch or wizard, the player can still change their hair color, hairstyle, eyebrows, and facial features, such as scars and freckles, at Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium in Hogsmeade.

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For a small fee, gamers can change the character’s appearance whenever they want. However, it is not possible to change his entire face.

Collect all the ingredients to make potions later

People will find a lot of medicinal ingredients in nature. Some ingredients like Horklump Juice and Jumping Toadstool are required to make useful elixir like Wiggenwald and Erdurus.

To save time, search for as many wild ingredients as possible. There’s no maximum limit to what ingredients can be stored, so it’s better to get all you can. Finally, when unlocking the Room of Requirement, gamers will be able to grow and harvest their own resources.

Complete quests to get rewards

Gamers will need to do all the main quests as that’s the only way to unlock all of the character’s powers and abilities. However, if you want to know if a quest is worth the effort, check the quest menu to see what rewards you’ll earn for completing it.

These can vary from unique spells to new equipment, gold,… or even surpassing the quest giver to keep whatever items they want, or blackmail them for it. add gold.

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