Tips to know to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved may seem like a simple survival simulation game on the surface, but it’s actually a web of complex systems as players craft, build, tame, breed, and gather resources. original.

In every survival game, equipping some tips to survive is very important, especially with games that require players to fight both dinosaurs and humans like ARK: Survival Evolved.

If you’re having trouble starting the game, read on to learn some helpful tips when confronting dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved.

In addition, ARK: Survival Evolved is currently free on Steam, so quickly experience one of the most popular survival simulation games today.

Survival tips in ARK: Survival Evolved

Collect resources quickly

Gathering resources is an important thing to do at the start of the game
Gathering resources is an important thing to do at the start of the game

As with any survival game, the first thing players need to do if they want to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved is gather resources. The first things to stock up are a roof and rocks.

Players need to punch trees to get shelters and collect rocks by picking them up from the ground. Other important resources are wood, flint, and fiber. Fiber can be found by hand-harvesting plants, but getting flint and wood will require some tools.

Use the right tools

Using different tools on the same object will give different loot
Using different tools on the same object will give different loot

Players will need to craft some tools if they want to collect all available resources. An ax and a sharp hammer are necessary but not enough, as gamers need to know where to use them.

If you use an ax on a tree, you will get wood, but if you use a sharp hammer, you will get a roof. With rocks, smashing them with an ax will yield the stone, while using a small hammer will yield some flint. Pay attention to the tool in use and the location, then experiment with all of them to see what items it brings.

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Choose the right Engram

When leveling up in ARK: Survival Evolved, players will receive Engram points. They can be used to unlock new recipes and enable equipment upgrades.

Everyone should prioritize the essentials as it may not be possible to unlock all the tools. Prioritize choosing Stone Hatchet, Spear and Campfire. All these will help to survive and grow stronger in this survival game.

Kill small animals

Kill animals
Kill small animals to collect items

Even if they don’t want to, players still have to do this to survive in a world full of dangers lurking to destroy themselves. Small animals are easy to find and a good source of items. After a while, gamers can invest in better tools and start hunting bigger prey.

Build a shelter for the night

The nights at ARK: Survival Evolved are really tough and a big challenge for every gamer. Characters can die before seeing the sunrise if they are not careful and prepared.

Therefore, make sure to build yourself a base, shelter before night falls. A shelter doesn’t have to have four walls, or a solid house, but there needs to be a way to keep the temperature warm, or people will die from the extreme cold here.

Stay away from the beach

When ready to create a permanent shelter, it is best for players to avoid building anywhere that is easily visible and that means moving away from the beaches. First of all, this makes players less likely to be detected, ensuring greater safety. In addition, it is advisable to stay near a place with a lot of resources so that you can spend some time building up your inventory and becoming stronger.

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Set up a multi-bed system

Beds are an essential part of a player’s life in ARK: Survival Evolved. The bed acts as a respawn point, while also allowing for quick movement. Establishing a network of beds around the world is well worth it. However, it should be noted that if moving quickly with a bed, the player will leave his loot wherever he jumps off.

Join a tribe

The best way to survive in any world is to seek help, so players should try joining a tribe as soon as possible. Of course, people can always form their own group, but it is easier to join an existing and already working tribe. This system works like a clan in any other online game and the tribe will be able to help players grow faster.

Taming the animals

If the player can make friends with some animals, survival in this game will be a little easier. Each animal will have a different set of skills, so befriending them is always worth doing. To really tame animals, gamers first need to defeat them and then feed them.

Focus on breeding

The most time consuming aspect of this game is breeding because that’s the best way to get the strongest creatures and expand their abilities. Breeding two powerful creatures together can produce animals that possess both sets of superior stats. They can then be bred with each other to produce even stronger offspring.

It takes time, a lot of time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Players are not required to breed large numbers of every animal in the game. But do it as soon as you can because they will take a lot of time.

Breeding Tek Parasaur

Players should breed all kinds of dinosaurs and creatures in this open world game, but careful consideration should be given to Tek Parasuis. Parasaur is generally only useful at the start as a mount, but its Tek variant is more valuable late game.

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The player can breed a bunch of Tek Parasaurs, kill them, and then harvest the corpses with a chainsaw. This will bring up all sorts of valuable resources like oil, scrap metal, etc. It’s a great way to amass harder-to-find resources and all it takes to get started. The first is 2 Tek Parasaurs.

Prioritize defense

Many games prioritize attack over defense but ARK is different. Whether it’s commanding a team of dinosaurs to gather resources or smelting at base, it’s important to have the right defenses in place.

Players need to build walls, traps, turrets and other measures to protect everything. There are many players, dinosaurs roam the open world and they will quickly ruin your day in ARK. It’s important to have multiple layers of security to act as a deterrent and increase your chances of winning a fight.

Take the time to improve the system

Players have a lot of work to do in this game and the biggest obstacle will be time. Therefore, take the time to find ways to improve the things you already do. This tip is extremely useful to make ARK more interesting and free up time to do other things.

If players can find a way to collect berries faster, such as using Brontosaurus to collect and Stegosaurus to bring them all back, that will save time for other tasks. There is always a better, more efficient or creative way to do something and finding a solution saves a huge amount of time.

Back to where I died

Players will die many times in ARK: Survival Evolved because that’s natural in survival games. However, dying is not the end because everyone will be reborn but no longer have any items with them.

Fortunately, players can still get those loot back if they can go back to where they died and pick up the abandoned bag. Just keep in mind that the first time you get killed by something, and if you die again without picking up the bag, it will be gone forever.

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