Tips to improve your base in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is part of the beloved RPG series Dragon Quest. It brings out all the visual flair of Dragon Quest with a combination of Minecraft thrown in for the best effect. However, that unique mix also entails the complexity of base building.

Throughout the game, the player must harvest resources to build villages. These places are not only subjected to constant attacks of monsters, but also inhabited by hopeful citizens.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 role-playing adventure game
Dragon Quest Builders 2 role-playing adventure game

Improving this place is a long and complicated process. Players can easily get overwhelmed with so many tools to use. Equipping a basic understanding of the game will help gamers easily develop their base.

In this article, learn tips to improve your base in Dragon Quest Builders, get players up and running, embrace incredible customization, and make the village the best it can be.

Expand the base as much as possible

The game offers a lot of space to build, gamers can expand their bases across the island, harvest more materials and expand the borders.

Above all, innovation is at the heart of growth and vice versa. Having more resources means no more dealing with rudimentary layouts and structures. Feel free to tear down the existing buildings, replace them with new ones, and rearrange the village to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Talk to the villagers

At first glance, the people living in a village look like simple NPCs. Players often don’t mind them because they think this is not beneficial. However, interacting with residents can open new avenues for expansion.

Many of them come with side quest chains, others help with base improvement, yielding useful and potential materials, such as plant seeds and teleportation. Not to mention, these side activities add countless hours of exciting Dragon Quest Builders gameplay.

Plant care

Like any game set in the countryside, farming is also an important part of the island base in Dragon Quest Builders. After building a scarecrow and mapping out a field, the villagers will actively assist in fertilizing the crops. However, players need to keep a few things in mind.

First, try to place the plant near a local water source, perhaps digging a trench directly for the plant to ensure optimal watering. Second, auxiliary materials such as fertilizers and planting poles support healthy plant growth. Third, make sure to clear away dead plants to make room for new growth.

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