Tips to get off to a good start in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Looking at the legacy that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim left, it can be said that this is one of the most legendary games of all time. This dragon fighting role-playing game has been released on quite a few platforms, so its community of players is increasing day by day.

New entrants can be overwhelmed by the multitude of options available to them. In this article, learn some tips to help newbie The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim get off to a good start to overcome any challenge in the game.

Tips to get off to a good start in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Use the environment to your advantage

Skyrim’s environments are fun to roam around, but these surrounding areas can also become players’ allies in times of trouble. Most areas are filled with booby traps and instant death pits, requiring players to be quite alert when moving around.

Environmentally-aware players can use these traps to their advantage, prompting enemies to set traps themselves or push off cliffs with a well-placed shot.

Approach the dragons in an open and clear environment

The battle with the dragon is one of Skyrim’s biggest and most exciting battles. However, these fights can be frustrating at times, especially with a dragon that refuses to land.

If a dragon hangs around for too long, the player should move to an open space environment. Areas that are too rocky or covered with foliage will make it impossible for dragons to land.

Use Dragon Shout often

Another new addition in Skyrim is the introduction of Dragon Shout, which can be used by the chosen protagonist. They are great additions to the player’s arsenal, with each Dragon Shout having a unique function of its own.

Dragon Shout is fun to use, but also makes many players forget its existence. Try to remember to use these Dragon Shout to make the battle more engaging.

Move items to isolated spaces to steal

Theft will probably be the first offense most players engage in in Skyrim need to do. It’s pretty easy to hoard items and sell them for valuable gold. However, some valuable items are almost always in the sights of others, always ready to report theft.

What many players may not realize is that it is actually possible to move items around without alerting their owner. With this simple action, gamers can move items out of the prying eyes of NPCs and place them in a secluded place, then perform a quick and stealthy theft.

Examine certain items to reveal clues

Skyrim is the first game in the series that allows the player to examine 3D models of certain items in the inventory. This can actually be used to solve certain puzzles.

Some items with clues can only be accessed after the gamer has checked the items in his inventory. It’s a simple but quick way to make puzzle solving more fun.

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