Tips to escape from neighbors in Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a horror adventure game in which the player’s task is to sneak and use a bit of trickery to escape from the chase of the scary neighbor. If you’re looking for a way to solve mysteries and stay safe, let’s explore some helpful Hello Neighbor tips that will help everyone get through the neighborhood quickly and efficiently.

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Tips to escape from neighbors in Hello Neighbor

Neighbors cannot trespass into the player’s home

If there is a danger of being caught by a neighbor, the player always has the option of retreating to his home since he cannot step foot on everyone’s property. However, be aware that he may try to give chase when the player runs home and will throw a jar of glue in to try to prevent this. So run to your house as fast as possible to avoid getting caught.

Hide unnecessary items at home

Players can only carry 4 items at a time. However, if you find a 5th item and think you will need it in the future to solve a puzzle, you can hide some of the equipped items at home. This will free up some extra storage space.

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Run home if the screen goes black

If the screen goes blank, it is a warning that neighbors are very close to the current location and can know exactly where the player is. While it’s possible to hide somewhere nearby when you hear your neighbors walk by if your screen goes blank, the best solution is to run home as fast as you can. Another serious danger warning is an annoying loud sound.

Always make sure you have a safe hiding place

When you’re exploring your neighbor’s mysterious house, always make sure there’s a safe hiding place in sight. That way, the player will be able to hide immediately in the chosen location, minimizing the risk of being caught when trying to find a safe place to hide. For example, upon entering a neighbor’s house, the player will find a walk-in closet to the right of the front door.

Find a light-colored wardrobe in the dark

When walking through dark areas of a neighbor’s house with a flashlight around, look for brightly colored wardrobes because they still stand out in the dark. In case of hearing a neighbor watching him in the dark, the player can go straight to the originally identified closet.

Find a way to use every widget

For example, gamers will find that the umbrella they pick up can be used to safely move around the neighbor’s terrace. This item will help people not to fall because they can drop down without injury.

Always make sure to pick up an item even if you don’t see an immediate use for it, keep it at home until you know how to use it, and get back to it quickly.

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Keep an eye on the key

To complete Hello Neighbor, players need to find 2 keys, green and red. So make sure to look for both carefully as people won’t be able to progress through certain parts of the game without the right key.

Throw objects to distract

Sometimes, the player may need to throw objects to help themselves get rid of the neighbor. For example, if people want to run to the safety of their house and avoid their angry neighbor, try throwing things you don’t need in his path. This action is intended to distract and buy enough time for the player to escape from a dangerous situation.

Make sure your actions are unpredictable

Over time, the neighbor will gradually recognize patterns in people’s actions if they keep repeating them. So, if you want to survive, it’s important to make sure that the actions you take are not too predictable. This is because enemies learn from everyone’s actions and get smarter over time.

Close the door as soon as you enter a room

Every time the player enters a new room, immediately close the door, so that the ferocious neighbor cannot sneak in behind him without knowing it, because he is sneaky and makes any noise. .

If you want to successfully escape from the pursuit of a neighbor in Hello Neighbor without encountering any unpleasant challenges, players should master and take advantage of all the useful tips listed in the article. This.

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