Tips to defeat ghosts in Boo Men

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Boo Men is a co-op horror game suitable for groups of 1-4 players, bringing the entire player into a group of thieves on a mission to steal the items listed on the list. Gamers will have to both complete the goal of getting all the items, and at the same time avoid the pursuit of Boo Man lurking in the dark. In this article, let’s learn the essential tips to defeat the ghosts, to successfully survive in Boo Men.

Defeat Edith

Edith can be easily defeated just by crossing and breaking vision as it has poor hearing but excellent vision.

Edith can also be baited while it is staring at the player by turning off the lights, this will cancel the stare and Edith will start chasing. This will be the time to turn the lights back on to destroy its visual excellence.

Although Edith can turn off the light, if the player looks away while it is still looking at me, it will not turn off the light.

You player can sometimes run right through if Edith is completely still since she is actually in the stare state but just make sure she doesn’t stare for a while as she may leave the state and kill you.

When there is a power outage on the Two Condo map, Edith will stand near the power box and the player can step up to the power box and turn it on while it is stationary the whole time.

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A co-op horror game that challenges players to hide from ghosts - Boo Men
A co-op horror game that challenges players to hide from ghosts – Boo Men

Defeat Scav

There’s only one real way to defeat The Scav and that’s with his head down and tiptoeing wherever he needs to go because Scav is completely blind but has perfect hearing.

Scav is also faster than other Boo Men and gamers will not be able to run faster than Scav, unlike Edith and Ghost Girl (exception for Ghost Girl because when the power goes out it becomes faster).

When in the dark, stay away because The Scav can still rush into the player and destroy even if the player is not detected.

Defeat Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl can easily run fast when the power is on, but when the power is out, gamers will have to stay out of its sight and turn the lights back on as quickly as possible. This is due to Ghost Girl as she both has hearing and can see faster than the player during a power outage.

Make sure to look below more when Ghost Girl crawls on the ground and that might catch you off guard. Surrounding Ghost Girl with objects such as chairs and tables can give gamers more valuable time to escape to another part of the house.

Ghost Girl can be completely out of the way of sound as it gets extremely loud when crying and moving around the house.

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