Tips to collect gold quickly in MultiVersus

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The fighting game MultiVersus gives players the opportunity to meet famous characters like Superman, Shaggy, Batman, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, etc. Along with those characters is a fun experience in the game. matches, co-op mode,… to gain supremacy.

Gold is one of the two main currencies of MultiVersus, which can be used to unlock new characters. This functionality makes gold extremely valuable, and players who want access to the full list will need to earn a large amount. In this article, let’s learn tips on collecting gold quickly and efficiently in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus: How to earn gold quickly

Through the Battle Pass

The fastest way to earn gold in MultiVersus is to fight a friend, with both guaranteed Toast each other after each match. Players will get a 30% gold bonus when paired with a friend and Toast after the battle will grant an additional 20 gold.

Although this method requires the player to have a companion, the amount of bonus gold it provides makes finding a partner a worthwhile endeavor.

Note, players should not attempt to purchase Toast in MultiVersus to facilitate the gold earning method stated earlier.

This is because each Toast is worth 35 gold when purchased directly, which is 15 gold more than the gold earned when a Toast is used at the end of the match. Players should instead collect the free Toast available through Battle Pass and track character development.

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Battle Pass themes also offer the chance to earn some quick gold. Therefore, players should make sure to level up their character in MultiVersus when unlocked or when available via free spins.

Increase Career Rank

Players should also focus on completing that day’s quest and seasonal timelines, as doing so will lead to easy Battle Pass progress. Gamers can also earn gold by increasing Career Rank.

Win the first match of the day

The ultimate way to earn gold fast is to win one match per day, as the first win of the day rewards an extra 200 Gold.

This is definitely a significant amount of money, and MultiVersus players trying to unlock characters quickly should do their best to get this win on a daily basis. Also, this daily win can be made easier by playing with a friend.

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