Tips to collect a lot of gold in Piggy GO

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By combining multiple playstyles, Piggy GO creates an unpredictable gaming environment. Developed by Forever9 Games, this mobile game will bring a lot of fun.

However, Piggy GO can also be a bit overwhelming for new players, for example too many colors can be confusing, having trouble collecting gold and leveling up.

In this article, let’s learn Piggy GO tips to help gamers easily build the richest and most powerful empire ever for themselves.

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Tips to collect a lot of gold in Piggy GO

Use Autoplay to roll the dice

When playing Piggy GO, players will be rolling the dice all day. In other words, the piglet will move along the board when the dice are thrown. The higher the number received, the longer the pig will move on the chessboard. So luck will be the most important factor when playing this game. But there are certain methods and tricks that can help you collect more gold.

For example, players should enable Autoplay as soon as possible. By tapping on the big dice icon at the bottom of the screen and holding it for a few seconds, the auto mode will be activated. Thus, the dice will roll without direct intervention. As long as there is a turn, Autoplay will help roll the dice quickly. Thanks to this, the piglet will go to many locations in a short period of time, allowing to collect a lot of gold.

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Invest in cities to unlock new locations

Besides a chess board and a pair of dice, players will have a lot of other options in Piggy GO. For example, people will have the opportunity to develop cities and make them great. To perform such an action, people need to spend gold on each upgrade.

To invest, tap the Build option (hammer icon). By visiting this area, the player can invest in the reconstruction of the city. The gold spent here will improve the defense of the city with a lot of options to invest.

First airship repair

To conquer the world and expand your empire, gamers will have to be able to travel. Therefore, repairing the airship should be a top priority when starting Piggy GO.

Airship will take players to different cities, allowing to collect tons of coins. However, to repair the airship will require a certain amount of gold. Raid other players’ areas to accumulate a considerable amount of gold.

Teleport to other cities to earn more money

After repairing the airship, the player can expand his empire. The map in the bottom right corner will show you nearby cities. Starting from Havana, through Mexico and the Caribbean, to New York,… all these cities are waiting for people to come. Players need to master how to teleport as soon as possible to jump from one location to another in a flash.

Collect shields to prevent enemies from attacking

One of the drawbacks of going on a raid in Piggy GO is that the player’s base will not be protected. In other words, the city is most vulnerable at those times and the enemy will try to make the most of this opportunity. Therefore, gamers can lose a lot of money if not in position.

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However, there is a method to help keep a player’s base safe and secure: shields. Everyone can use 3 shields at the same time to block the enemy’s attack. Once an enemy launches a missile towards the city, the shields will block the damage from that attack.

Take advantage of the opportunity to take revenge on the opponent

While the shields are very powerful, they will not keep the city safe and protected all the time. Gamers will not have enough shields to resist all attacks. So, sooner or later, the defenses are also quickly broken and the city will be destroyed. On top of that, the enemy will rob a lot of gold from everyone’s city.

Fortunately, Piggy GO always has a way for players to take revenge on the person who ravaged the city they built. Once entering the cannon box on the chessboard, gamers will be provided with the opportunity to take revenge on the person who raided their city.

Upon accepting this offer, the cannon will be ready to launch a projectile into the enemy stronghold. Of course, if the attack goes smoothly and damages some buildings then a big reward can go to the player.

Make the most of the bonus round

Occasionally, the game will award a bonus round that maximizes profits when bonus features are activated. To get the most out of this round, players need to know the timing. The slider in the lower part of the screen will move left and right when entering the bonus round.

At a certain point in its path this slider will encounter a yellow marker, tap the big green button at the moment the slider and marker are in the same place.

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Since the slider doesn’t move at too fast a player will be able to manipulate it at the right time. The closer the slider is to the marker, the more coins the player is awarded. Speaking of coins, the game will also reward a certain amount of coins when players log in daily, so be sure to open Piggy GO regularly.

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