Tips to build a squad in eFootball 2023

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eFootball 2023 is the latest installment of one of the most loved soccer games. The game is constantly receiving updates so that it perfects and enhances the player’s experience.

In particular, eFootball 2023 offers the freedom to build a squad, is a great and fresh approach, with training options and playing styles, helping to create a solid and efficient squad. . In this article, let’s find out tips and tricks to build a comprehensive and powerful squad in eFootball 2023 that the player should apply.

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Tips to build a squad in eFootball 2023

Experiment with different lineups

A tactical approach to any game is always needed. Whether it’s the gameplay Possession nice Long Ball CounterPlayers need to understand that the squad they build needs flexibility in many different tactics.

So, a great step to approaching a solid team building structure is to split and change rosters in practice, before testing them out in challenge events or tournaments.

Different formations can be more effective against different opponents. Assuming everyone has arranged their players in a 4-3-3 formation, make sure there are enough substitutes for the 3-5-2 formation for the match.

It’s important for everyone to set up their lineups flexibly, always experimenting with different formations to determine which one is best for them.

Pay attention to the Chemistry/Playstyle level

In real-life football, assembling a team of players who complement each other’s playing style, along with the right manager, is crucial. Players who have the same mindset, adapt to the coach’s play style and have a serious work ethic will greatly promote team performance. The same is true for player selection in eFootball 2023.

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Chemistry/Playstyle level is a system used in eFootball that allows players to easily adapt to a particular coach’s play style. Players who don’t earn Playstyle progress are more likely to make mistakes on the field, so if you want your team to work well together, players must assign points to their players correctly.

Choose the right Team Playstyle

Team Playstyle is always something that players have to consider. The game offers several different playstyles that teams can use in eFootball 2023, each with their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the player and the style they want to adopt. The manager will have the ability to play a particular style, while also offering other styles that are less proficient.

Just like trying out different formations, it can also be very helpful to learn how to play with variety. Therefore, the player must determine his desired playstyle and look for the right players Team Playstyle there. If you like a controlling style, look for players with strong passing and dribbling abilities, or if you like the long-ball counter-attack, keep a plug-in striker in your team for regular runs.

Invest in player cards

In eFootball there are special player cards that are issued for a limited time and are based on player performance in real life matches. With these cards, surely the player’s squad will be significantly improved.

The stats of the POTW and Epic cards are both increased, players in this category are also increased by 90 in all playstyles. Gamers can easily create a flexible team for all squads that match these player cards.

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Enhance training

This is a common mistake that most players make. The training system in eFootball does not help in the case of a gamer with many players, unless active and collects training tokens continuously. Also, while choosing a manager, players tend to forget about the relationship the manager offers before hiring them.

Players should register in Manager Boosts to train them quickly in the first levels. In this way, gamers will get a better understanding of the player, how he plays, tactical suitability and other factors, allowing him to decide whether to train further to reach his full potential. or not. This way, people can save coaches for better players.

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