Tips to build a dinosaur park in Parkasaurus

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Parkasaurus is a management simulation game, for those who want to build their own epic dinosaur park. Everyone will experience the feeling of going back to the Jurassic period in the colorful Parkasaurus, with countless different animals. In this article, let’s discover the best, most effective dinosaur amusement park building tips.

Keeping customers happy and safe

First of all, players need to do whatever they can to make their customers happy. While people will definitely be more attached to their dinosaurs, it is the customers who are the biggest asset and they will make the amusement park success or failure. So always make moves that will attract customers.

For example, hire the best security system to ensure the safety of customers, especially when the player does not know when a dinosaur will leave and need to rest.

People also need hygienists, veterinarians, and more to keep things running properly. Don’t be afraid to invest some money in things that make the park run more smoothly, and the most guaranteed thing is hiring more staff.

Guaranteed privacy for dinosaurs

Enhancing privacy levels can help ensure improvements in the park’s nascent quality. If the dinosaurs don’t have enough private space to hang out when they feel overwhelmed by the number of visitors, they will become dissatisfied and the overall quality of the visit will decline.

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Gamers can check the privacy level of each cell in the menu of Exhibit Pane. This can be an important part of setting up new attractions that are often overlooked, so make sure to stay tuned to improve the overall dino vibe.

Never ignore convenience for customers

Building roads, creating shelters and placing donation boxes around the park, etc. are the only ways to ensure that players will continue to generate revenue.

If necessary, build a Balloon Shop, Tom’s Wonton Truck, or one of the various structural options that will motivate customers to spend and enjoy.

Everyone will see the profits increase gradually and quickly. This means that gamers will be able to keep spending money to improve the park even more.

Create biodiversity for the tour

There are many different types of biomes that players can choose from when arranging exhibitions and tours together. It is important to arrange as much as possible (without disturbing the land) so that we can continue to welcome more dinosaurs, which will also help the park to grow better.

Don’t skip the research

One of the game’s primary sources of currency is research, which the player hires scientists to create.

People can spend it on major upgrades, including advertising campaigns to attract more people to their parks. Make sure to pay attention to the research and unlock trees as much as possible, as it will ultimately work in terms of visitors and revenue, making the dinosaur theme park a huge success.

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