Tips for surviving 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors with unique graphics and challenging gameplay has created a hit in the gaming community. Players need to choose a character, a map to fight with enemies rushing at them with increasing number and difficulty, trying to survive for 30 minutes.

The interesting thing about this game is that even if you win, survive for 30 minutes, the character will still die, because there is a Grim Reaper appearing at the end and destroying them all.

Vampire Survivors players must destroy thousands of enemies surrounding them
Vampire Survivors players must destroy thousands of enemies surrounding them

This challenge is definitely not easy for new players because of the chaotic level of the battlefield. This article will provide tips for playing Vampire Survivors to help everyone clear the game.

Tips for surviving 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors

Learn about weapons, accessories, and characters

These are the 3 most important factors that create success or failure when playing Vampire Survivors. New players should spend a few turns trying out different weapons. Everyone can refer to the Evolved Weapon Upgrade Guide in Vampire Survivors for a better understanding of weapons and accessories.

Accessories are items that provide passive abilities, like making the character move faster or increasing the damage of a weapon. Players should experiment with different weapon-accessory combos.

In addition, gamers also need to pay attention to the abilities of each character because they will be suitable for different purposes. For example, players who want to gain experience faster should use Imelda Belpaese; If you want the weapon to shoot more bullets, you should use Gennaro Belpaese or Mortaccio. The characters also have different starting weapons. Read the article How to unlock characters in Vampire Survivors to understand the characters’ stats and abilities.

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Using PowerUps

After a level, the player has the opportunity to use gold to power up, which is accessed from the title screen. Power-ups have the same effect as accessories, but they are permanent bonuses that affect all characters.

Players need to focus on buffing up to improve the weapon’s damage, duration, and projectile count. Cooldown reduction is another important PowerUp. So, don’t forget to buy PowerUp to increase the amount of experience a character receives, helping to have a higher chance of surviving the game.

Constantly on the move

In Vampire Survivors, the player should move constantly. Enemies appear along the sides of the screen and are constantly moving towards the character so it is easy to get stuck.

When seeing the enemy’s opening, people should not hesitate because the opportunity to attack will disappear after only a few seconds. Also, don’t focus on the character, instead, maintain a sweeping view of the battlefield while playing.

Time tracking

A timer will appear in each game and gamers need to pay attention to it. This is because there will be more fluctuations every minute, for example, enemies appear more and more powerful.

There are events that happen according to the scenario that gamers need to keep in mind. In Mad Forest, a circle of carnivorous plants or skeletons enters the screen at 10 minutes. At 15 minutes in the Inlaid Library, tons of fast-flying Medusa heads begin to appear. Finally, the 25 minute mark is when the boss of the game screen will appear.

Take advantage of the environment

Although constantly moving is recommended, gamers also need to be careful not to move around the battlefield. Use the simple logic of the enemy to move straight towards the character to counter them. Try to gather enemies together so that when your weapon activates, there will be a large group of enemies to be defeated.

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Focus on a few weapons

Many players tend to choose new weapons and accessories as they level up. This can lead to the death of the character around 15 minutes. Better, gamers should focus on upgrading a few weapons, rather than having a full low-level arsenal.

Doing this will make the character ready to kill stronger enemies that start appearing around 10 minutes. A character with 6 low level weapons will be defeated at some point. The first weapons that the player should focus on are those surrounding the character such as King Bible, Garlic or Whip.

Collecting items

In the title screen, there is a tab Collections, which is a list of all weapons, passives, mysteries, picks, and relics the player has acquired. From time to time, gamers should check to see if any part of the collection can be replenished on the next run.

Tab Unlocks is another area to check every time the game starts. Vampire Survivors always have new content to unlock additional content that adds fun to this game.

Use Torrona’s Box

One of the best passive items in the game is arguably the Torrona’s Box. This handy item increases the area, duration, power, and speed (ammunition) of all weapons. The problem with this item is that when it reaches level 9, it gives the enemy frequency, health, count, and speed (movement).

One strategy to avoid this curse is to remove Torrona’s Box before it reaches level 9. If Banish is at level 8, the player retains all of the item’s benefits, but no curse occurs. . Players should be careful when collecting treasure chests as doing this may inadvertently raise Torrona’s Box to level 9.

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Set up a plan

Before starting a level, it is more effective if the player decides to choose some weapons to try and get along the way. Everyone should use some Reroll, Skip, and Banish to avoid being forced to choose unnecessarily passive weapons or items. Knowing which passive items work with which weapon is also helpful and will optimize combat.

Choosing passive weapons and items without a construction idea, or a loose plan is the leading cause of gamers not being able to complete the level. Trying to complete a level by randomly picking weapons and items is fun, but not a great way to unlock new content.

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