Tips for playing The Tale of Food for beginners

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The Tale of Food brings players into the world of mobile RPGs with a new and unique concept that combines restaurant management. The game transforms traditional Chinese dishes into human form, and the gamer’s task is to collect all of those flavors.

After collecting the array of “dishes” personified into beautiful boys and girls, players must bring those culinary souls to fight against the forces of evil, overcome many obstacles and challenges. This article will bring some tips to know when playing The Tale of Food to get off to a good start.

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Summon the strongest characters

The list of ranks identifies the characters in The Tale of Food with different rarity levels, representing levels of powerful abilities. However, these characters come to gamers randomly due to the game’s gacha system. Players should use SSR characters as much as possible because they have more power and strength than others.

Complete daily quests

Daily quests are important in the gameplay as they come with more rewards. Quests are available for gamers to participate in daily, ensuring the best rewards.

Another important thing in daily quests is daily activity points. Those are clearing the way for players to earn 10 Jade Tokens, and will eventually be able to receive up to 50 Jade Tokens. Completing all daily quests is optional but take advantage of them for more rewards. These quests will be reset daily.

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Do some weekly quests

Similar to the daily missions, gamers are also provided with a number of weekly missions. Players will have to complete a number of missions throughout the week, in order to receive some rewards.

Players must collect weekly activity points here to receive items, and the quests will reset weekly every Sunday. The rewards gamers will earn for weekly activity points are as follows:

  • 10 gifts for 20 weekly activity points
  • 5 soul food shards for 40 weekly activity points
  • 1 5 color earth (average) for 60 weekly activity points
  • 5 Bunny Bun (average) for 80 weekly activity points
  • 1 Ember for 100 weekly activity points

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