Tips for playing Tailed Demon Slayer for beginners

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Tailed Demon Slayer is a hack-and-slash action role-playing mobile game with idle elements, with flattering cartoon graphics, bringing eye-catching combat. As a fox, gamers must find a way to use their weapons to destroy the monsters and defeat the Lich, who is occupying his land. Continue reading to learn important tips when playing Tailed Demon Slayer for beginners, giving a good start to becoming invincible against all monsters.

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Use Auto-Battle to be effective

In Tailed Demon Slayer, there is an auto-battle option that gamers should use to win the crowd in the most effective way. While the automatic battle goes on, gamers can easily upgrade their weapons, train their fox’s stats and do many other things while the character is busy fighting.

Training the fox

Players must train their fox to the maximum in battles and upgrade 3 stats: attack damage, max health and HP recovery. Upgrading stats costs gold, which can be earned by doing quests the game gives you or simply killing monsters.

All 3 stats in the game are equally important but the best training stat to level up will be attack damage, as it will help kill the monsters quickly. People can also upgrade other skills, but they are not really necessary. To upgrade or train your character, simply click on the training option on the right side of the screen, then select the stat you want to upgrade.

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Weapon Upgrade

Tailed Demon Slayer currently has 4 types of weapons namely sword, bow, dagger and scepter, with SSS being the strongest and rarest to obtain.

Greatsword: This weapon gives Fox incredible raw damage and attack power. Its attack range is quite wide and is best suited when high DPS is needed.

Bow: This weapon gives range and high range ability when fighting large hordes of monsters. While it lacks raw power, it makes up for it in terms of utility.

Knife: Gives fox incredible agility and skills that afflict enemies. What it lacks in range will easily make up for in close range damage and quick bursts.

Staff: Specialized for debuffing opponents, very good when wanting to fight giant monsters, as it brings out the power of all the elements of nature.

Using the code Tailed Demon Slayer

To have abundant resources to upgrade characters and weapons, players need diamonds and gold. Fortunately, the developer regularly gives gamers the Tailed Demon Slayer codes to convert many useful items and resources. Players just need to use the code and collect tons of valuable rewards.

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