Tips for playing Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is one of the most beloved installments of the anime-style action role-playing game series – Sword Art Online. Players will role-play the characters in the anime, participating in the journey, with the task of completing all 100 floors of Aincrad and leveling up to increase strength and abilities.

Players can team up with gamers from all over the world to successfully conduct raids and defeat bosses to reach the next floor of Aincrad. In this article, let’s learn some helpful tips to start your journey in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

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Tips for playing Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Prepare backup weapons

The orange button on the user interface allows gamers to swap between 2 active weapon reloads. Not only does it make players feel really excited, doing so also allows to utilize multiple sword skill sets in a single battle.

For optimal effect, make sure each weapon has a different elemental attribute, as enemies will often have weak points and elemental resistances on later floors. Combat will be much easier when gamers can swap weapons to take full advantage of their characteristics.

Don’t forget your partner

For the best results, players should not only focus on their character, but also pay attention to Koharu, the AI ​​partner in the game, as well as her equipment and sword skills. While players only need to give her the available gear at first, it would be even better to let her set become the perfect complement to the hero’s gear as the inventory increases. When fully equipped Koharu with a range of skilled sword skills, she will become a great asset in battle.

Focus on skills

In addition to leveling up the character, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor also allows equipping sword skills to customize the hero’s abilities. Weapons have 4 slots for attack skills, while armor has 4 slots for buffs. Players should fill these boxes as soon as they find relevant sword skills in their adventure.

Some offensive sword skills can only be equipped with certain weapons, so if there are multiple axes but only 1 spear and sword, use the ax in the first place. As many veteran gamers have attested, these are possibly some of the most useful upgrades in the game.

Enhance everything in the game

Leveling up and finding great rewards is part of it, but players will really take their characters to the next level when they start upgrading their gear and sword skills.

Both require upgrade materials, and gamers can visit the Blacksmith to see which materials are needed to upgrade which equipment or skills. After maxing out a sword skill, gamers can “transform” it to make it even more powerful and unlock another rare star. Of course, this requires a lot of materials, so always keep an eye on what Blacksmiths currently need and which enemies drop those resources.

Players will have countless quests to complete, floors to conquer, and an array of weapons, armor and sword skills to advance, so join and build the strongest hero possible. As more and more floors of Aincrad are unlocked, gamers will need all the power they can muster.

Level up as soon as you can

When you get stuck, level up. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor offers a lot of opportunities to gain EXP level up to help build a character on par with the current tier in a short time.

All quests have a recommended level so players can start with the lower ranked quests first, but if you’re impatient, you can also try solving some of the higher ranked quests. higher with the help of other players.

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