Tips for playing RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright

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RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright is a role-playing game with unique hand-drawn graphics. Players will become the hero Wright, traversing the world of fantasy stories, such as the witch’s hut or the stomach of a fearsome beast.

The world in RPG Time: The Legend of Wright can basically be overwhelming for any new player. It is difficult to dissect everything, especially if the player is not prepared in advance, along with some difficult levels, which can cause a lot of confusion for beginners.

In this article, let’s learn some tips on how to play RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright, to help newbies have a good start to the journey in the game easier.

Prepare to interact with lots of dialogue

From the moment RPG Time: The Legend of Wright begins, players will be bombarded with dialogue from the game’s master, Kenta. Going forward, each character that the player meets in the adventure will say a lot.

While these interactions are fascinatingly presented by Kenta, it’s still too much. So, be prepared to face a large amount of dialogue in the game, when overcome it, slightly RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright will be very interesting.

Listen to Kenta’s instructions

Kenta’s mid-chats also provide valuable insight into each level, region, and enemy, which will be hugely beneficial to any player who hasn’t kept up. In addition, listening carefully to Kenta’s instructions is indispensable because many plot points or mechanics are easy to miss if gamers skip a lot of dialogue.

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Additionally, Kenta will talk the player through a tutorial at the beginning of the game. It’s not the only way for players to master the controls, but it’s one of the most important guidelines. Every time Wright gains a new skill, Kenta is quick to explain the ability, and this beginner’s guide is the only support.

Check every corner of the map

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright’s gripping levels with hand-drawn graphics are home to hundreds of secrets that many players can easily overlook. To find hidden items like food or funny insights about certain characters, it is essential to check every nook and cranny of the map.

Every role-playing game cannot miss this element and so can RPG Time. However, testing every corner of the chases or levels that Wright is expected to have to overcome will be quite difficult. However, the game allows Wright to revisit the areas after completing the pages. So there’s always a chance to find something again that went unnoticed at first.

Chat with all NPCs

Talking to every NPC is just as important as exploring every nook and cranny of the map. It may seem verbose, but there are some aspects of the plot or levels that could easily be missed without these conversations.

These characters can provide some valuable hints about the story that Kenta fails to explain. While they mostly make funny jokes or witty quotes with Wright, there are still their perks as the story progresses. Side quests can also be obtained through NPCs, offering many attractive bonuses.

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