Tips for playing Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most epic open world games ever made. With a setting in the American West, and top-notch shooting, there’s a lot to do in this game, from story missions to side quests, from animal hunting to bank robbery. This means that Red Dead Redemption 2 can overwhelm players.

Super product Western shooter - Red Dead Redemption 2
Super product Western shooter – Red Dead Redemption 2

There are a few basics that everyone needs to grasp to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 to the fullest. They will also help gamers succeed in the game without getting knocked down too often. In this article, let’s discover the tips for playing Red Dead Redemption 2 – a western shooter.

Tips for playing Red Dead Redemption 2

Record the things around

This may seem obvious to some, but it’s worth mentioning. Don’t just focus on the destination or waypoint, instead, look everywhere for places worth seeing and people worth seeing.

Observing everything in the game will provide information to gamers. For example, smoke in the air means someone’s burning a campfire, a white circle indicates a strange quest is near, and so on. Players will also see or hear nearby animals that can hunt. shoot.

Always put your destination on the map

The map in Red Dead Redemption 2 is very large. In fact, there is an option to get around quickly in the Chapter by upgrading Arthur’s accommodation.

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However, if you are going anywhere, always put your destination on the map, just like you do with Google Maps. The game navigates through the shortest path, and with a destination established, everyone can turn on the camera and move hands-free.

Core tracking

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the player’s character and horse have a core that needs to be maintained. The character has health, endurance, and deadeye, while the horse has health and stamina.

All of these need to be maintained, otherwise the character will be affected. So, pay attention to your body, eat and sleep, and take supplements as required. This is especially important when on a mission.

Collect bonuses as soon as possible

Players will earn bonuses for each crime they commit (even by accident). This will be specific to the area where the crime was committed, making it difficult to travel there in the future.

If committing a crime, don’t make it worse by killing to evade the law, as that will only increase the bounty. Instead, surrender or clear the area while they investigate. Then, as soon as you can, go and claim your bonus at the nearest post office.

Stick with your horse

Horses are very important in this game because without it, gamers will struggle to get anywhere or do anything. That’s why it’s important to stick with the horse as much as possible.

Doing so unlocks new moves (making it easier to run away from enemies) and increases the range you can whistle to summon your horse. And all it takes is patting, brushing, and feeding the horse over and over again.

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Hello everyone

Red Dead Redemption 2 uses an honor system. Doing good deeds (such as helping strangers) will increase your honor. Doing bad deeds (such as killing campers in the wilderness) will lower your honor.

There are many advantages of living well in the game, including getting money from products sold in the store. And a simple way to raise that honor is to say hello to all the players you meet along the way. Just don’t accidentally hit the wrong button and shoot them dead, instead sending a greeting.

talk with strangers

As children, we are taught not to talk to strangers, but in the case of Red Dead Redemption 2 it is quite the opposite. Even random NPCs can provide useful and interesting information. They even give gamers rewards for helping them out.

However, it’s the strangers on strange quests that everyone should look out for. Players will receive rewards, tips, and additional story passages spanning several chapters.

Use Dead Eye whenever possible

To survive in Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers need to have their own gun, hoping to kill someone with a single fatal shot.

However, Dead Eye is by far the best method to win a gunfight. It allows the player to tag several enemies at once in slow motion, giving it a definite advantage.

To activate Dead Eye, hold down the aim button, then click the right stick. Everything will then slow down, allowing enemies to be located before firing a volley of bullets.

Keep weapons clean

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players will receive a lot of different weapons and need to use them to fire countless times.

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Weapons will get dirty during gameplay, and when dirty, they’ll be less accurate and load slower. So buy some gun oil and clean your weapons regularly, rather than focusing on cleaning your character’s outfit.

To clean a weapon, just open the Weapon Wheel, highlight a weapon and tap the right sidebar to inspect it. Everyone will see the condition of the weapon and can choose the option to clean it.

Befriend Fence

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Fence are black market merchants who will buy and sell illegal things. The player will unlock 1 Fence after the Chapter 2 quest, but can also take the long trip to Saint Denis to meet that person sooner.

Fence is a priceless asset. They will buy the bad luck of the player without asking questions. They then sell valuable items like new recipes, amulets, and silencers.

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