Tips for playing Ravenous Devils – horror restaurant management game

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Ravenous Devils is an indie game that blends cooking simulator gameplay with customer management elements, encapsulated in a macabre horror story. Ravenous Devils is about Percival and Hildred, an odd couple who seek wealth and fame from their famous clothes and meat pies. However, hidden behind is the creepy falsehood of the duo when they are actually murderers.

Restaurant management simulation game combined with horror elements - Ravenous Devils
Restaurant management simulation game combined with horror elements – Ravenous Devils

Percival kills his customers, takes their clothes, then throws the bodies in a chute into the basement below and Hildrend will proceed to make meat pies from them. Ravenous Devils brings a breath of fresh air to gamers who love cooking, management simulation and adventure games.

In this article, let’s discover Ravenous Devils tips for beginners to make managing this horror restaurant easier.

Ravenous Devils horror restaurant management tips

Point and click adventure game-like gameplay

While Ravenous Devils has elements of cooking, upgrades, and customer management, it plays out like a point-and-click adventure game, mainly because the player doesn’t directly control the characters. Movement around the restaurant is controlled by a glowing pointer.

To get the most out of this game, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the places that can interact with specific points in the game environment such as the oven, the bar area, the sewing machine, and more.

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Understanding the roles of Percival and Hildred

The two main playable characters in Ravenous Devils are Percival and Hildred, a couple inspired by Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Percival and Hildred manage completely different areas of the store and don’t really have any crossovers, other than certain cutscenes.

Percival runs the tailor shop and greets customers as they enter. Customers will buy clothes from a dummy or enter Percival’s room inside, where he either immediately cuts their throats and sends them to Hildred to cook, or to the greenhouse (when unlocked) to make fertilizer. Hildred is the manager of the whole meat cooking with many other recipes, and also manages the bar area.

Time management

Ravenous Devils is not a difficult game but after the first few days things can go from easy to chaotic. Time management is the best way to keep working with Percival and Hildred. The most important thing is to make the biggest profit from selling clothes and food.

Players can swap between floors at any time to see how each character is leveling up. The area at the bottom left of the screen shows the quest Percival and Hildred need to complete. Track how many customers are in the respective stores at any given time to ensure tasks are being performed correctly.

New recipes bring more money

As time passes in the game and new stories begin to unfold, Hildred can unlock more new recipes. The game starts with 2 unique recipes, burger and meat pie. While these provide a steady return from patrons, it is only when ingredients like tomatoes are combined that money really comes in.

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Almost all of the recipes call for human flesh, though it’s a bit creepy. Mixing this special meat with flour, tomatoes, herbs and the like will create more variety for customers. Customers will often respond with different colored bubbles on their heads, indicating the type of food they like.

Focus on upgrading the tailor shop, tavern and kitchen

The main goal of the two characters Percival and Hildred is to make money and make a name for themselves. In addition to the tailor-made and cooking-focused gameplay, another major element of Ravenous Devils is the overall upgrade of the shop.

Money is accumulated at the end of each day and then used to buy new ovens, dummies, ingredients, and even to unlock other areas of the building like the greenhouse.

For easier time management, players should prioritize upgrading the kitchen, tailor, pub and basement areas first. These three main areas are all available from the start.

Jobs like cooking and making clothes can take a lot of time and lead to fewer customers coming to the store or customers not being served.

By adding more tools and speeding up the character’s respective quests, the overall game will be much easier and thus give players more revenue.

Keep track of in-game dates

Ravenous Devils goes on for days, and once patrons start looking for new clothing or meatloaf options, work starts to get hectic.

Fortunately, the game gives gamers plenty of time to prepare for the store opening. Before opening, the money can be used to upgrade and start quests to prepare the shop.

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Players can track the time in the game through a counter in the upper right corner of the screen. The timer slowly counts down when the store opens.

When the number of customers decreases at the end of a certain day, the game will announce the last customers or customers in the building. Preparation is the key in this game to serve the most customers.

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