Tips for playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 or Naruto Storm 4, is the final game in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, with a unique amount of content across various game modes, including Story and Adventure modes.

Once entering the game, people may wonder how to get through the modes in the best way. If you have trouble starting the game, let’s learn the tips for playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 below.

Tips for playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Play story mode first

Story Mode is the first thing that will appear on the mode selection screen when starting the game and is really what beginners should start with.

The first few battles are easy enough that everyone can get used to the controls, although practice can still be done in Free Battle. In addition, Story Mode will provide an interesting story that includes the end of the story of the Naruto Shippuden saga and some of the unlocks available in the game.

Adventure Mode may reveal some content of the series
Adventure Mode may reveal some content of the series

Most importantly, the adventure mode in the game acts as a follow-up to the story mode, as it can reveal some content.

This may not be a problem for someone who has watched the anime or read the manga, but for those who only play games it will be quite a problem.

After passing the story mode, gamers can switch to more difficult modes such as Survival and Tournament, to better prepare for online battles.

Use substitution jutsu carefully

For those who are new to the series, you may soon find that it is very difficult to avoid being attacked by long combos.

This is where the substitution technique comes into play, as it will allow to avoid combos, while opening the way to the opposite attack. As soon as the opponent is about to strike, whether it is the first attack or part of a combo, press L2 or the corresponding button on the platform, to use an alternate jutsu, place your character right behind the opponent .

Using Jutsu instead will put the character behind the opponent to counter attack
Using Jutsu instead will put the character behind the opponent to counter attack

This allows the player to create attacks quite quickly, but also remember, there is no infinite alternative jutsu. Always look out for the orange bars below the health bar and the chakra allows for 4 alternate moves.

It is dangerous to use them all, as players should stock up on at least one hit to escape when stuck in a long combo. To avoid this, try not to use them all at once, instead splitting them up throughout the match, to give the bar time to refill.

Always keep chakra charged

Chakra will play a very important role in battles, at least when facing tougher opponents. The chakra gauge is found just below the health bar, colored blue.

The chakra gauge is blue, located between the health gauge and the alternate Jutsu gauge
The chakra gauge is blue, located between the health gauge and the alternate Jutsu gauge

Performing certain attacks will require the use of a specific amount of chakra, and without it leaves the character vulnerable to button presses but nothing really happens.

Honestly, the best time to charge up chakra is usually after performing a special move that can take down an opponent. Quickly try and charge as much as you can and keep the watch at least half full at all times.

Exploiting secret techniques

The Secret Technique is the most powerful of the attacks that can be performed in the game, some of which are even more powerful than others.

Using some secret techniques can even knock out almost 2 life bars in one hit, so knowing how to use them will help a lot in battle.

However, just doing the move isn’t all, as stronger enemies will continue to dodge it most of the time. Therefore, the player will need to find a strategy that helps to execute it more accurately.

There are several ways that players should adopt to better exploit the secret technique. The first is to use the aforementioned alternative jutsu to get behind the opponent and use it. This is best done when the opponent has used all of their alternate moves for the time being, making it harder for them to dodge from behind.

The second way is to try to overwhelm the opponent using support jutsu and then use the secret technique. Neither of these methods is very safe, but it definitely improves your chances of winning.

Avoid switching leaders

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 allows choosing a party of 3 warriors, with one being the leader at any given time and the others willing to do the supporting jutsu.

People can also switch to any other character to gain control as the new leader all the time. However, this is actually much more troublesome.

Unlike some other fighting games with team battles, 3 characters don’t have separate life bars but only share one, so there’s not much to gain by switching leaders too much if there was the best fighter in the first place.

Gamers can use this switch as a way to extend combos beyond what a single character can do, but many times this doesn’t work properly and leaves new characters vulnerable to attacks.

Instead, it is best to save these characters for regular use as support jutsu, making it easier to perform attacks such as secret techniques.

Prioritize fast surfing when moving

Dashing is one of the best ways to move around in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Chakra Dash is especially useful, allowing players to face opponents with ease before unleashing an absolute barrage of attacks.

It sounds boring, but the combat in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is so flashy that gamers won’t get bored with the rush at any time. Other modes of movement also need to be mastered if you also want to deal with online gamers.

Practice before trying online battles

Online combat is one of the most challenging parts of Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Extreme gamers have been playing this game for years and perfecting the technique, and any beginner is sure to have a bad times against them.

Therefore, it is better for players to practice before entering online battles. In short, grasping the basics is quite necessary to learn some of the more advanced techniques that beginners will need to fight the toughest fighters in the game.

End the battle with the ultimate ninjutsu

Ultimate Jutsu is one of the fastest moves the player can perform, requiring a well-stocked Chakra bar and a well-timed attack. They can make any enemy afflicted with these powerful moves doomed to perdition.

Ending a battle with Ultimate Jutsu will make battles epic and exciting. In Story mode, using ultimate jutsu is essential to get the best rank for every quest.

Awaken the power to make the game more flashy

With the power-ups that many characters love in Naruto, it’s easy to see why Awakening has become so popular. These upgraded statuses are a great way to change the flow of the battle and deal your opponents some serious damage.

These Awakenings should be saved and used at the most opportune time, especially given the time constraints of most Awakenings. They can only be activated when the player’s health has decreased a bit, which makes for a great way to change strategy and unleash power.

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