Tips for playing Mini Heroes: Great War Three Kingdoms

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Mini Heroes: Great War of the Three Kingdoms is a card strategy game that will stimulate your mind and challenge your deck building skills. Players will embark on an exciting journey through a dynamic and ever-evolving universe of cards. Whether a seasoned card game enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Mini Heroes offers an immersive yet accessible gameplay experience that will appeal to players of all levels. .

In this article, let’s find out tips for playing Mini Heroes: Great War of the Three Kingdoms for beginners to have a smoother and easier journey.

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Create a balanced group

When it comes to winning battles and achieving overall success, creating a balanced team is key. This means that gamers must choose from a variety of hero roles, each with unique characteristics to support flexibility throughout the fight.

Getting the maximum effect requires choosing heroes that combine their allies’ strengths perfectly, creating combos of effects to take down tougher enemies. While strategizing the attack plan, keep in mind the different advantages of the heroes, changing formations based on their strength.

Upgrade for heroes

Upgrading heroes can be one of the easiest ways to win battles. This will push them closer to their maximum ability, become the strongest warrior and help defeat the enemy faster.

Players can upgrade their heroes with Hero EXP which can be obtained by winning battles, quests and daily login.

Furthermore, characters can increase their strength by unlocking additional skill tiles that allow access to more abilities and increase combat effectiveness. Gamers can also equip their heroes with weapons, armor, … then upgrade this equipment to maximize the effectiveness of the battle deck.

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So save your Hero EXP and upgrade focus on upgrading the core team first to make sure the hero’s strength is up to the challenges that will be encountered.

Complete quests and events

Collecting resources in Mini Heroes: Great War of the Three Kingdoms is not difficult if the player completes the chapters and missions. Winning matches gives Level and Hero EXP and other interesting resources. The more items the hero receives, the more power the hero will have when he can use these resources to upgrade his army, add equipment, … to help win battles easier.

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