Tips for playing Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

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Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is a new tennis video game that focuses on recreating a more realistic tennis experience that is both fun and challenging. Matchpoint also includes a career mode so players can strive to become the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams legend. In this article, let’s learn the tips for playing Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, helping gamers become a new generation clay court legend.

Complete game guide

Tutorial (Tutorial) is a step-by-step overview of how to play Matchpoint, providing all the basics, all the way to advanced tactics and strategy. Understanding the basics will help when embarking on a career journey and matches. Completing the tutorial will also provide a trophy or achievement to the player.

Remember that in tennis, points are calculated and awarded with a score of 15, 30 or 40. Thus, a player can win a match with 4 points. However, if both players reach 40 points, the winner must get 2 points in a row.

6 games must be won to win a set, but if both hit 5 games each, the “win two” rule applies. If both hit 5 sets each time in the last set, a tiebreak occurs.

Improve skills with Practice and Training

There are 2 different ways to improve skills in Matchpoint other than Tutorial: Pracitce and Training. In mode Practice, gamers will practice with a ball-shooter that will shoot tennis balls out into different areas of the court, including hitting and dropping balls. Although the starting point of the balls is the same, it will help players time and practice their reaction when the balls are fired randomly.

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Training Mode is more focused, providing gamers with 7 different areas to practice. Everyone goes through different exercises for each module, great for learning some advanced tactics, especially useful as you embark on building a career.

Players can choose whichever area they feel needs the most improvement, or skip items if they are confident in their skills. Another benefit of the Training Modes is that gamers will become familiar with the same tactics that the CPU and other players will likely use against them.

Various styles of hitting the ball in different positions on the field

When playing tennis in real life or in a video game, it’s best for everyone to have a variety of ways and positions to hit the ball on the court to throw opponents off balance.

If you keep hitting the same pattern in the same area, the player will just stay in a seemingly endless volley against the opponent, until they decide to beat you. Alternate between flat, topspin and drop shots, swinging to the opposite side with each spin to keep your opponent running back and forth.

When the opponent gets close to the net and decides to pressure him, the player has 2 options. The first is to throw a lob really high over their heads, so they can’t react in time. Second, the player can send a powerful attack aimed at the back of the field, with enough power it will fly over the opponent.

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