Tips for playing Inscryption for beginners

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Inscryption is a rather confusing game until gamers practice long enough with it. Inscryption seems difficult at first with lots of obstacles to overcome, but the more you play, the easier it gets. All people need to do is build the perfect deck to win.

If it’s the first time playing, Inscryption is sure to be overwhelming. This article will provide some tips and strategies for Inscryption beginners to get the hang of the game and get off to a good start.

Tips for playing Inscryption for beginners

Always on the defensive

While it’s good to play offensively, sometimes players should still focus on defense. Some cards deal more damage than others and sometimes may not do as much damage when needed. Gamers may run out of items and need to sacrifice cards to keep themselves alive.

Gamers need to make sure they can get some damage to scale in their favor. Mole or Mole Man cards are a must in the deck to save people from damage.

Deal extra damage when possible

Dealing extra damage grants Golden Teeth for each additional damage you deal, which is especially useful against Trapper. Trapper will exchange Pelt cards for gamers and Golden Pelt is the best. The more Teeth the player has, the more Pelts the player can buy.

When meeting the teller, people can exchange Pelt for cards. If you give Mycists 2 Golden Pelt, you will receive something special when visiting Trader, so start dealing damage as soon as possible.

Accept failure a few times to succeed

Dying is part of the gaming experience. If you advance too quickly in the game, Leshy will deliberately play stronger cards. When that fails, everyone will generate a death card. Death cards are determined by the cards in hand at the time of death.

Leshy will draw cards from the player’s deck and allow the card’s price, health, strength, and any other sign to be selected. If lucky enough, everyone can create a powerful card. The more you lose, the more death cards you have, so don’t worry too much.

Think twice before you move

Rushing into a game can cause players to lose again and again. Take some time to think about your next move. Consider which cards will move on your opponent’s next turn. Pay attention to the cards on the back as they will move down on the next turn.

Think about where you need to move on the map and remember to look ahead to see where you are going. In short, take some extra time to think about your next moves before continuing the game.

Ouroborus plays an important role

Ouroborus may seem like a useless card at first glance. When seeing this card for the first time, it starts with 1 damage and 1 health. Many players ignore Ouroborus thinking that it doesn’t bring any benefits. This card has the meaning of invulnerability if it dies or is sacrificed, it will return to the player’s hand.

What gamers may not realize is that it gains 1 damage and health every time it returns. If they play their cards right, everyone can level up Ouroborus and make it the strongest card in their deck.

Touch everything possible

There are many hints hidden around Leshy’s cabin. For example, the combination with a safe is on page 22 of the sigil manual. In this game, it’s best to touch everything that you can. When you have to start over after a failure, try taking the candles on the shelf in the back.

Also can look at the picture on the wall and try to match the cards, there will be many ways that will help everyone win. Remember that every item in the cabin has its own purpose.

Pelt is very helpful

Pelts are useful for many things, not only being able to exchange cards with traders, but also sacrificing them when necessary. If you can’t take all 4 damage, try knocking down 1 Pelt to take damage. The extra damage dealt will not count towards the player. Pelt is also very useful for dead cards.

If you are lucky, you can choose the cost from the Pelt card (always free). Wise and cost-effective choices will allow you to get 1 free Pelt card.

Choose your cards carefully

Sometimes, the player will land at a spot that allows to choose 1 out of 3 cards. After each boss battle, gamers will also receive a similar option. When asked to choose with these cards, be sure to consider and choose carefully. Think about the strength, health, and sign of that card.

Think of Altar, where 1 card can be sacrificed to place 1 sign on 1 other card. Make sure to calculate how useful that card is in battle, but remember, things aren’t always what they seem.

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