Tips for playing Gunfire Reborn for beginners

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Gunfire Reborn is truly one of the most exciting roguelike indie, role-playing adventure games available today. Joining the game, people can play solo or co-op with up to 4 people, control the character to use weapons to overcome random levels.

The main characters in Gunfire Reborn are extremely cute animals
The main characters in Gunfire Reborn are extremely cute animals

More and more players join Gunfire Reborn and find that it’s a lot more challenging than it looks. The game has a lot of enemies, areas, challenging bosses, and a great variety of loot to collect along the way. Let’s learn Gunfire Reborn tips for beginners, making it easier to understand the game’s mechanics and overcome challenges.

Tips for playing Gunfire Reborn for beginners

Choose your weapon wisely

There are many weapons to find in Gunfire Reborn. Because it uses Roguelike progression, players will constantly unlock new guns, skills, and the like. Those entering the game for the first time may find themselves inundated with weapons and not knowing which is the best gun.

The way the weapons work will vary, with random modifiers, some of which will be much stronger in a given playthrough. And there’s no better way than experimenting to find the weapon that works best for you.

Don’t be afraid of being destroyed

While the player will need to get closer to defeating the boss in each level, death isn’t a bad thing in Gunfire Reborn.

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In fact, it’s the only way the characters develop. As players pass each level, they will receive Soul Essence, which can be used at the end of each run to unlock new skills and passive abilities for their chosen character.

Players will die in Gunfire Reborn, especially in the beginning. Most characters are pretty weak at the start, making boss fights extremely difficult if the player doesn’t manage to grab a great gun. People should not fear death, but instead roll with punches to continue to progress further.

Do not use the recovery feature early

Soul Essence is extremely valuable in the early game. It’s the only thing that can be passed on to characters and upgrade them to better versions. The faster a player unlocks character upgrades, the stronger they will become at the start of subsequent runs.

Therefore, players should avoid the respawn feature if they find themselves on the verge of death. It’s not worth it to use the hard-earned Soul Essence too soon and remember to stock it up from the start.

Frequent use of grenades

At the start, new players will only have access to the Crown Prince character and must familiarize themselves with their kit. One of the Crown Prince’s additional abilities is throwing a corrosive grenade (useful in knocking off enemy armor).

These grenades will need to be refilled by collecting from slain enemies or breakable objects scattered around each area.

Many new players often overlook these amazing grenades, not throwing them out often for fear of using them up or simply being distracted by new and more interesting guns.

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Grenades are fairly easy to replenish, especially in the early stages, and players should throw them out in combat as often as possible.

Since they don’t deal much damage to bosses, they’re better used to take out small enemies and can give new players an edge in combat.

Learn about each character

The characters in Gunfire Reborn all have their own unique passive skills and abilities. Players should learn about the characters when they unlock them, research their abilities, and determine in which areas they are strongest. Everyone can also refer to the TOP of the strongest characters in Gunfire Reborn to make the best choice. Each character has their own unique playstyle and some excel with certain weapons.

Prioritize putting Soul Essence into Survival in Talent Tree

Each character comes with their own Talent tree, filled with passive skills that can be unlocked using Soul Essence.

There are 6 different skill paths Expedition, Battle, Skill, Survival, Weapons and hero. Each of these represents a specific aspect of the character, and there are quite a few buttons to unlock. The best option for new players is to put as much Soul Essence into Survival as possible.

Movement speed is important

While each run starts out relatively simple, with a handful of enemies, the difficulty quickly increases as the player progresses. In fact, some of the later levels have a lot of enemies on the screen at once, leaving the player completely overwhelmed. This makes movement speed very important, as players will need to be able to dodge enemy bullets quickly.

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In addition, the size and type of weapon also directly correlates with the character’s movement speed. Characters carrying heavy guns or launchers will move at a much slower rate than those carrying pistols or kunai.

Fortunately, players can always switch to another weapon to gain the required movement speed in tough battles.

Pay attention to enemy armor and shields

At the start, the player will mainly fight enemies with only red health bars, but as they progress further, they will encounter enemies with yellow armor bars and blue shields. These opponents will be a lot harder to take down, but there are tips and tricks to killing them. The color of the bars correlates directly with the element a player should use against them.

In the current state of the game, the health bar (red) takes heavy damage from fire-based weapons. Armor bar (yellow) can be quickly worn away by condenser weapons (or corrosive elemental skills and grenades). Shield bars (in blue) easily degrade when players hit them with lightning-based weapons. Carrying each weapon and covering all the bases can make the difference between victory and defeat.

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