Tips for playing God of War Ragnarok beginners need to know

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In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus set out on a journey to prevent the greatest war from happening, or at least survive it. Father and son will explore beautiful Nordic fairy tales, based on famous myths.

God of War Ragnarok . God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok . God of War Ragnarok

This is not an easy task, but equipping yourself with the following God of War Ragnarok tips for beginners will make the adventure back to the nine worlds easier and more engaging.

Tips for playing God of War Ragnarok

Smash jars and buckets for rewards

There is nothing more amazing than porcelain around, any jar or found in the area offers a good chance to own hacksilver, the main currency of the game. It can even provide 1 Health or Rage stone to increase your chances of winning the next fight.

While providing no items of value, by maintaining this habit throughout the game it makes a big difference to wealth and survivability. Gamers can even smash crates and crates while riding sleds and boats for even greater rewards.

Reload Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos regularly

By pressing or holding the triangle button, Kratos can master one of his two primary weapons, with ice or fire respectively, increasing damage and elemental power on his next hit.

This habit will be of great help, as the shorter reload time and enemy observation time is better used to warm up your warrior, than doing one of those weak ranged attacks. than. As you level up, you’ll unlock additional ways to reload your weapons faster than usual.

Swap weapons depending on the battle objective

As a general rule, the Leviathan Ax is best when fighting single enemies, while the Blade of Chaos shows its strength clearly against hordes and groups of enemies.

Some enemies also need to be hit by certain elements for best effect, so learn how to quickly switch between weapons while on the go.

Buy elemental and dodge skills as soon as possible

Some moves are used more than others, but if you’re swapping between weapons a lot, players should perform attacks for each move, to increase damage when hitting the affected target. elemental response of another weapon. That is, freeze enemies with Leviathan Ax, then switch to Blade of Chaos for massive damage (or vice versa).

Powers that allow to perform a special attack while dodging are well worth stocking up on, since the frequency with which it will be done is a lot, plus the reality of their power. Turning the ax backwards is especially effective, being able to injure and stun enemies as the player dives for cover.

Switch between Ax and Blade

As a general rule, the Leviathan Ax is best for hitting a single enemy, while the Blades of Chaos’ wide range is suitable for groups. Some enemies with elemental shields can only be damaged by the right weapon, so use Leviathan on fire, while also learning how to quickly switch between weapon types to fully optimize your abilities. war.

Hand-to-hand combat with fists also fills up the stun bar faster, allowing for a fast-moving finisher that deals massive damage or possibly even a kill. It may take some time for gamers to get used to, but fast and fluid movement between all options will maximize impact in battle.

Choose armor carefully to match your playstyle

In the previous God of War, armor provided some basic summoner spells but bonuses can often be combined depending on the effect the player is after. In Ragnarok, more emphasis is placed on armor designed to enhance very specific play styles, and effects that stack and link together if equipped with a full set.

Lunda’s armor is a good example: the breastplate shard has a chance to poison, while the bracelet and belt deal more damage to poisoned enemies, doubling the assist if both are worn.

Observe the arrows around Kratos

Arrows appear around Kratos indicating that the threats in battle do not appear on the screen. Yellow arrows mean enemies are nearby and possibly approaching, red arrows mean they are attacking, and purple arrows indicate bullets are heading towards Kratos. The two red and purple arrows are very quick warnings and will often have to dodge as soon as they see them to avoid injury.

Check for lost items regularly

Although good at collecting items dropped by enemies after battles, it is easy for players to overlook something of value. Early in the game, Brok will introduce a chest next to his smithy, which holds all the items left in his journey.

Whenever people approach a smithy throughout the game, the chest will be closed and glow blue when there is something to collect. These are usually crafting materials that gamers don’t see after a fight. Be sure to check it out regularly to make sure you’re not missing anything that could be useful on your journey.

Unlocking Nornir Chests

Nornir Chests are special rune boxes filled with loot that require 3 hidden objects around the environment to smash, move, light, etc. Nornir chests usually contain very good items, so they’re always worth opening, but it’s not always possible to do so the first time around, as some require new weapons and abilities late in the game. However, don’t worry if you can’t open them yet, Atreus or Mimir will usually let everyone know, so just make a note and come back to it later.

Listen to the cry of the crows

Like in the first game, Odin sent ravens throughout the nine realms to track down the character. These green birds fly around in every kingdom, and they usually have some pretty good perception of something. However, the player can also determine when one is nearby due to the unique hiss they emit. If a particular crow is never found, the map will list the area where they appeared.

When you hear it, start looking up and around to see if you can find it and take it down with an ax. Once you’ve killed a lot of crows, visit Niflheim and head to the Crow tree to unlock chests containing some really cool gear.

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