Tips for playing Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

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Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend takes players into an immersive world that allows them to do a lot of the things people love in other games. This game was created by combining all the interesting features that can be found in other games into one MMORPG that is perfect for solo play or socializing with other gamers.

However, the large number of features can also be a disadvantage for players who are not familiar with the genre and are overwhelmed with on-screen buttons.

Let’s find out some tips and tricks in Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend, helping players get the best start, competing against even veteran gamers.

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Tips for playing Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

Collect idle rewards

Idle rewards are the main source of gold, experience in the game, and can provide the player with essential items. Idle rewards can be found when the player goes to the tab Drillget loot based on time not accessing the game.

Since the idle reward system has a maximum capacity, players should collect it once or twice daily to get all the rewards that can be used to upgrade their character. Also, don’t collect too often to increase the chances of high rarity items appearing.

Complete daily quests

Completing daily quests (Dailies) is something most players have to do in any mobile game. Dailies includes quests, dungeons, bosses, and login rewards with daily resets, giving players key items to upgrade their heroes.

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For players who don’t have time to do all the daily quests in Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend, solve the simple ones and join the dungeons.

Dungeons are essential because it’s a game mode that provides a lot of resources often needed to upgrade things like pets, wings, and gear.

Study the device carefully

Many people think that upgrading equipment only helps to free up storage space of the inventory, but in fact it also brings certain values.

Every time a device is consumed, the heroes’ CP will also increase. Players don’t need to worry about what kind of equipment can be used and try to use as much as possible. Some other ways to increase combat power are:

  • Level up: level up stars to improve your character’s combat power.
  • Equipment: to do this, players will have to defeat high-level bosses, thereby owning epic level equipment, which can be used in the game.
  • Pets: make sure to focus a lot on your pets and make optimal use of them.
  • Upgrade items and complete main quests.

Save to summon pets

In games with a gacha system, players are always encouraged to save up diamonds for 10x or 30x summons as it increases their chances of getting SSR level pets or higher units.

The more turns a player summons at once, the higher the chances of getting epic pets. Once a certain number of summons have been completed, there is a solid chance to summon an SSR unit from specific elemental attributes.

Join a guild

Finally, gamers can try joining guilds. People can socialize, participate in events and have fun together with players from all over the world.

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Joining a clan is a common note in a lot of games. In addition to participating in the social aspect of the game, guilds provide additional content that allows gamers to earn the extra rewards they need to upgrade their heroes. Guilds have many benefits that players should consider even if they prefer to play solo and don’t want to rely on others.

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